New York Sheriffs Rapid Responder Program

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association (NYSSA) is working with Sheriffs throughout New York State coordinating a robust, standardized and affordable emergency response system to help communities better protect and respond to emergencies using digital technology. NYSSA has partnered with Prepared Response, Inc. to provide the Rapid Responder Emergency Response and Crisis Management System to communities across the State. This program is designed to be utilized by Sheriffs, law enforcement, fire, medical and other first responders to better protect their communities and respond to emergencies at important sites such as schools, hospitals, key commercial facilities, critical infrastructure and other complex locations such as sports arenas and shopping malls.

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Rapid Responder is an All Hazards interactive crisis management system, SAFETY Act Certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security, protecting more than 16,000 facilities in 27 states across the US. It is designed to help facility personnel and first responders collect, organize and securely disseminate critical information needed to prepare for and respond to any emergency. The system provides real-time insight with over 380 data points of information including floor plans, site maps, aerial photos, interior and exterior facility imagery, hazardous material locations, utility shut off instructions, police and fire tactical response plans, facility emergency and evacuation plans as well as key contact information. The information is securely stored and shared, providing the right information to responders when seconds count. Rapid Responder is also used to support the daily operational needs of these sites by keeping track of training exercises, certifications and drills.

Incident Command System

Hazardous Materials

Emergency Plans

Site/Building Plans


Emergency Contacts

Tactical Response Mapping

IP Camera

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The system was developed by first responders and emergency managers to protect key facilities. The system stores response and tactical information to jointly respond quickly and decisively to any emergency with facility personnel.

Over 15,000 school buildings are protected by Rapid Responder. The system provides support at every stage of campus safety and emergency preparedness and has been proven in actual campus emergencies including a campus shooting.

Healthcare sites use Rapid Responder to view & share Emergency Operating Procedures & can grant access during major multi-state disasters, allowing tactical planning en route. The system also supports Joint Commission Requirements.

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Rapid Responder is used by local, state, and federal agencies. Government facility stakeholders store and update threat assessment and vulnerability mitigation plans, designing anti-terrorism response plans for all threat vectors.

Security managers and facility staff use Rapid Responder to collect, manage, and distribute emergency response and business continuity plans. Risk management and compliance requirements are shared throughout an organization documenting their preparedness.

Like K12 campuses, higher education facilities use Rapid Responder to support their emergency preparedness and response needs. The system stores all emergency plans, policies, and procedures empowering facility staff to respond.