Best Gas Masks 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. 3M 2. 3M 3.  ERB
3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece Best Gas Mask 3M Personal Protective Equipment Protective Equipment ERB Respirator

Gas mask is a survival gear that helps to prevent inhalation of toxic substances in the air. It is commonly used by military forces or navy. Gas masks are imperative in areas prone to destruction, natural disasters, wars, and terror attacks.

The air gets contaminated with toxic elements because of disasters or chemical warfare. You cannot inhale fresh air and inhaling the air that is polluted leads to health issues. To create an obstruction from inhaling the harmful gases, it is vital to wear the best gas mask.


It protects you from inhaling toxic and poisonous paint fumes, chemicals, airborne bacteria, and dust of the debris. Buying a face mask that covers your entire face is better than buying the one that covers the nose and mouth. There is a wide range of survival gas masks available in the market. This guide will help you buy the best gas mask that fulfills your needs and budget.

We have compiled a list of gas masks after going through the reviews of various masks and doing extensive research. You can rely on our list to find the best one which you can wear during the disastrous situations to inhale fresh air despite the contaminated air in your locality.

Here you can read about various factors to consider while buying the survival gas mask, FAQs, and other useful information.

Top 16 Best Gas Masks 2022

1. 3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece

3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece Best Gas Mask

If you are looking for the best gas mask that can protect you from harmful toxins in the air, then you might consider this respirator to buy. It is suitable to wear while carrying out painting, dusting, cleaning, grinding, sanding, and welding. It is lightweight and is comfortable for you to wear throughout the day, feeling no discomfort.

You can wear a reusable respirator can be worn in different situations. It has impressive features and various properties that give you ample protection from tiny particulates, gases, and vapors in the air.

The Facepiece is soft and is also lightweight. You will not feel any pressure wearing this mask. It offers an optimal level of comfort that you want. The easy to adjust head straps fit perfectly well for all heads.

These straps provide a snug and customized fit. The swept-back design gives you a high visibility of the objects around you and let you balance. The cartridge equipped with the design is easy to replace. You can save money on masks by opting for this reusable one.

The filters in the respirator can also be replaced after a certain period. The filters will stay in one place for a long time and stops the pollutants from reaching you. The mask covers the face and is comfortable to wear for long hours feeling no discomfort or sweat.The respirator is approved by NIOSH and supplies pure air for you to inhale.


  • Offers a high level of respiratory protection.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable to wear longer with no discomfort.
  • Adjustable straps to offer a custom fit.
  • High visibility.
  • Excellent swept-back design.


  • Clips can pinch while adjusting the straps.

2. 3M Personal Protective Equipment Protective Equipment

3M Personal Protective Equipment Protective Equipment

If you work with chemicals and toxic substances, then this facepiece is ideal for you. It keeps you away from inhaling nasty gases. The Facepiece is lightweight and offers high reliability.

It delivers the best performance and keeps you safe at the workplace by giving you a high level of protection from inhaling harmful vapors and gases. They make it using the silicone material that is highly durable and gives ample comfort despite wearing for a more extended period. It is soft and puts less pressure on the face.

The 3M cool flow valve equipped to the respirator allows you to breathe air that is fresh and has no pollutants. The dual-mode head harness enables you to adjust in the standard and drop-down mode. The harness will snugly fit the head and avoid it from falling repeatedly when you are performing the duty in the field.

There is an exhalation valve cover while vents out the exhaled breath and avoids the moisture from forming the fog. It is suitable to use in places that are surrounded by dangerous particles and harmful gases.

You can also use this in a wide range of applications such as painting, welding, construction, mining, pharmaceutical, smelting, and chemical sites. The cartridges and filters equipped to the respirator can filter the airborne pollutants, gases, and vapors harmful to health. The comfort and visibility features will make it comfortable for you to wear longer without clear vision.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Promotes better vision of the objects.
  • Filters all the pollutants and helps you to inhale fresh air.
  • Dual Mode Head Harness and the harness offer a snug fit.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Sometimes the glass gets foggy.

3. ERB Respirator

ERB Respirator

It is another best gas mask that people uses while working in the chemical, construction, and Pharma sites. It protects you from airborne contaminants. It is easy to use and is highly convenient to wear for a longer period.

It is soft, lightweight, and allows you to wear throughout the day, feeling no discomfort. The easy to adjust head straps will fit snugly to the face without letting the mask drop off when you are working in the adverse environment. It is easy to set up.

You can clean the respirator after every use. You can use this in a wide range of applications such as welding, woodwork, metalwork, utilities, painting, and other places.

It covers your complete face and gives a perfect clarity of the vision to see the surrounding objects. The lens is enough to offer you superior peripheral vision. It is made using soft quality material. The lens improves the vision significantly.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • It can be disassembled, cleaned and reused.
  • Allow you to wear for a more extended period.
  • Comes with the lens that offers clear vision.
  • Perfect to be used while doing woodwork, welding, and other tasks.
  • Impressive design and protects the whole face.


  • It is a little expensive.

4. DISKIN M-350 Full Face

DISKIN M-350 Full Face

If you are working in a place where harmful gases and vapors surround it, you must buy this respiratory mask. It is used by the military personnel to protect them from the hazardous environment around and breathe fresh air. It protects you from the chemicals, pesticides, and epidemics.

The excellent dual filters will filter out the toxic chemicals and avoid them from reaching you. The activated carbon filter within the respirator will block the unpleasant odor. If you see the cartridge has worn out, you can replace it with the new one and make the mask work optimally.

The mask works with the 3M filtration cartridges. The facial lens offers crystal clear clarity of the objects, and things surrounded by you. The mask is lightweight and is highly durable. It is also resistant to shock. The best part of the mask is the air circulation technology that avoids the fog from forming inside the mask.

Another unique feature of the gas mask is the speaking diaphragm. It allows you to maintain effective communication with the team in your surroundings with high clarity.

It is safe to use it during the disaster strikes. The size of the gas mask fits for all the adults. It is easy to adjust, and the straps can be fastened. It is widely used to protect people from harmful radiological particles, chemicals, biological agents, gases, and nuclear elements.

They make the face seal with superior quality butyl rubber and the face shield of polycarbonate. It is easy to maintain and avoid fog from forming and disrupting your vision.


  • Anti-fog.
  • Suitable to be worn by all adults.
  • Perfect to wear in the extremely threatening environment.
  • Lightweight.
  • Filters will prevent harmful pollutants from reaching your nose.
  • Easy to use 3M cartridges.
  • Can be used for various purposes.
  • Easy to inhale.


  • It is a bit expensive.

5. 3M Personal Protective Equipment Disposable Respirator

3M Personal Protective Equipment Disposable Respirator

If you want to save yourself from the smoke fumes and harmful particles and pollutants, then you must buy this respirator. It can be used by both men and women. The filtration capability of this respirator is so efficient that it can filter out all harmful pollutants and fumes from reaching you.

The 3M cool flow value will keep you cool and breathe fresh air, free from pollutants and toxins. It is comfortable to wear for a longer period. The face seal allows you to keep the mask, facing no discomfort for many hours.

The buckle strap is easy to adjust and is a perfect fit on the face. There is no chance of the mask falling down when you are working. It fits to the face properly. The nose clip will ensure you with a better seal and fit. The eyewear will not prone to fogging. It allows you to view your surroundings with no obstructions.

The nose clip offers a secure seal. It filters the oil and non-oil particles and offers comfort. It is easy to dispose of and promotes better wearability. You can wear this along with the eyewear and hearing protection feeling no discomfort.


  • Lightweight and safe to dispose.
  • Comfortable to wear for longer duration.
  • Suitable for welding, woodwork and other purposes.
  • Easy to adjust nose clip and buckle straps.
  • Comfortable seat would not hurt the face of the wearer.


  • It is not ergonomically designed.

6. 3M Personal Protective Equipment’s Half Face

3M Personal Protective Equipment’s Half Face

If you are looking for the mask that suits industrial and commercial purpose, then this mask is a perfect choice for you to buy. It is known for its quality, durability and reliability. They make the mask using the silicone material that offers ample comfort and softness despite you wearing for a longer time.

The 3M cool flow valve would allow you to breathe with ease. When you wear this mask, you never feel suffocated or lack of breath.

The dual-mode head harness is easy to adjust. The harness of the mask is adjustable and a perfect fit for your head. You can wear in a standard model or in the drop-down mode. There is also an exhalation valve that allows you to breathe out. It also keeps the moisture and fog formation at bay.

The cartridges and filters offer better respiratory protection by filtering out the harmful chemicals and pollutants. It is a must-add mask in your survival kit. It is quite easier to clean the debris surrounding the valve area.

You can use this for a wide range of applications such as welding, painting, chemical works, construction, smelting, Pharma and mining. It will not let you breathe airborne chemicals that take a toll on your health. You no longer are exposed to the harmful contaminants. The visibility feature allows you to see the objects in the surrounding.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Filters the pollutants.
  • Clear vision from the lens.
  • Impressive design.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Offers high safety.


  • It has a bit of issue with the size.

7. 3M Full Face Respirator

3M Full Face Respirator

If you are looking for the best respirator to do the welding job comfortably and without inhaling the smoke fumes, you can buy this respirator. It gives complete protection to your face. They give the lungs and eyes ample protection. It won’t hurt your eyes and will not let you inhale harmful chemicals that take a toll on your lungs.

It is fit for everyone. Though it covers the face, but you will see the surroundings and breathe fresh air. It is made of superior quality materials that it last longer despite extreme wear and tear. You can reuse the respirator. However, after every use, you must clean it thoroughly.

It is lightweight and protects you against various harmful dust particles, mold and fumes. It gives proper protection to your face and allows you to wear for a long time with no discomfort. The silicone face seal and impressive design offers comfort and convenience.

You can enjoy the benefits of the mask longer. The 3M cool valve allows you to inhale cool air and keep you away from suffocating environment. You can breathe easily by having this respirator on your face. You can continue to work in the best way. The center adapter would direct the air that you are exhaling out and the moisture in the downward direction.

The smooth surface of the respirator allows you to clean it without putting much effort. You can clean the glass surface in a few minutes. The large lens equipped to the respirator gives an excellent visibility and allows you to pay attention to the work.

You can look from left to right with high convenience using the integrated optical correction limits. It is easy for people to use this respirator, especially when they are working in the dirt and dusty environment. Everyone can work comfortably by wearing this face respirator.

The 3M particulates and chemical cartridge would give high protection to your body from fumes, dust, gas and vapors.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Offers an unobstructed view.
  • Offers high level of protection and comfort.
  • Easy to wear.
  • There is no risk of leakages.
  • Superior quality material.
  • Gives protection from dirt and gases.


  • Does not come with any filters.
  • There is a bit of issue with the size.

8. North by Honeywell 770030M 7700 Series

North by Honeywell 770030M 7700 Series

If you want to buy a respirator that promotes sound health by hindering the inhalation of harmful chemicals, then this is an excellent option for you. It is comfortable for the people to wear for a longer period.

It is made of superior quality material that it last longer despite extreme wear and tear. It is easy to clean and comes with the cradle suspension system. It snugly fits on the face by reducing pressure points.

The low dead air space will supply proper air to the workers working in the congested areas and make them feel less tired.The soft and non-allergic silicon sea would give protection and fits perfect on the face.

The low profile will give a clear vision to the workers and won’t cause any irritation when you are wearing with the eyewear. It fits to all the adults. It is ergonomically designed to conform to the facial features.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Perfect to remove pollutants and harmful chemicals.
  • Impressive design.
  • Allow you to wear for a longer period.


  • Does not come with eye protection.

9. Muhubaih Large Respirator

Muhubaih Large Respirator

This respirator can prevent you from inhaling harmful chemicals and fumes. It is comfortable and lightweight. It also comes with impressive features.The best part of the respirator is that it removes 99.99% of harmful pollutants and particles in the air, including the dust and toxic elements.

The respirator is used as protective equipment and is critical equipment added to the survival kit. Both beginners and professionals can use it. You can use this in a wide range of applications such as woodworking, spraying, painting, and chemical sites and so on. It comes with a full face, wide, field of view that allows you a clear vision of the surroundings. The respirator is a perfect fit on the face.


  • Rugged.
  • Solid construction.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Reduces moisture.
  • Protect you from inhaling non-oil elements.
  • Simple to set up.


  • The visor could be better as it is prone to cracks when it hits the floor.

10. Aider Anti-Pollution Cycling Mask

Aider Anti-Pollution Cycling Mask

If you are planning to buy a carbon filtration mask that works better when used in the woodwork, disaster strikes, chemical plants, and other places, then this is a good choice. The anti-pollutant mask has an impressive design and is portable. It is also lightweight and perfect to be used by all the people.

It comes with the hook and loop that avoids the fall of the mask. You can wear this under the helmet comfortably without any suffocation or discomfort.

The best part of this filtration mask is that it won’t let you inhale the harmful chemical and gases released by the automobiles when you are riding. It gives ample protection from gases, smoke, pollen and particulates.

It is suitable to wear when you are going out such as for hiking, cycling, jogging, snowboarding and skiing. It is easy to wash. The filter equipped to the mask must be replaced every month to make it work effectively.


  • Impressive design and durable.
  • Filter pollutants and smoke.
  • Comfortable to wear for longer period.
  • Suitable to wear when going outdoors to inhale fresh air.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to fold.


  • The nose piece could be of a better quality.

11. Prollipop Vapor Respirator

Prollipop Vapor Respirator

This respirator by Prollipop gives ample protection to the nose and eyes. It will not let the harmful chemicals and fumes to enter the lungs. The cartridge and filters that are used by the organic vapor respirator is easy to replace after the filter lose its ability to vent out the pollutants.

The full face mask is easy to change when it is broken. The mask is perfect to use in a hazardous environment to stay safe. It is comfortable to wear for a longer run, without any displeasure. The rubber straps are easy to adjust. It is perfect to be used by the people who are doing woodwork, painting, and other works. It is cost-effective and is lightweight. The respirator protects you from sawdust, smoke, silica and so on.

The filtration system works optimally. The seal will give a clear vision of the surroundings where you are working. You can clearly view the area.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Ergonomically designed.


  • Cannot wear glasses along with full face respirator.
  • Filters could be of a better quality.

12. MSA Full Face

MSA Full Face

If you want to get rid of harmful particles and chemical substances, then you can buy this gas mask. It is lightweight and highly durable. The best part is that it eliminates all the airborne dust particles and injurious gases to enter the body.

It comes with the lens and filter. The lens will allow you to see the surroundings clearly. It is suitable to wear when working the pharmaceutical companies, chemical sites, mining, and other places. You can wear the mask for an extended period without feeling suffocated. It keeps fogging at bay.

You can put the mask over the face and adjust the straps behind the head. You must keep pulling the strap until you feel that it is fit tight to the face.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Filters the harmful pollutants.
  • Keeps you cool.


  • Replacing of filter would cost you high price.

13. Avon FM53 Mask

Avon FM53 Mask

It is a superior quality mask that can be used to serve military duties. It will not let the harmful pollutants and gas to enter your lungs. It can help you to survive during a disaster.

It filters the pollutants and allows you to breathe fresh air. It protects you from inhaling all harmful substances such as radiological, biological, nuclear and chemical elements.

The military-grade is ideal to be used by military personnel. The visor gives you the far visibility. It allows you to detect the objects from miles away. It is resistant to scratch and the ability to withstand despite extreme wear and tear. You can use this in extreme conditions.

It is easy to clean after every use. The material of the mask is comfortable and soft. It is durable and lightweight. It also allows you to communicate with the team effectively with the help of the microphone. When you are not using the mask, you can safely keep it in the storage bag. It improves the longevity of the mask without getting it prone to scratches. It also protects you from virus and allows easy breathing.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Allows you to view the distant objects clearly through the visor.
  • Filters the pollutants.
  • Includes a storage bag.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It does not include filters.

14. MiraSafety Emergency Gear

MiraSafety Emergency Gear

If you want to stay away from poisonous gases or chemical vapors in the air, then this survival kit is for you. You can also carry this mask while going outdoors for hiking, camping, fishing, or other activities. It is a certified CBRN NBC gas mask that comes with the face respirator.

You also get a water bottle that allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can drink the water through the bottle without removing the mask. The speech Diaphragm will allow you to communicate effectively with the law enforcement, military, or security team. The cartridge is easy to replace after multiple uses.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Gives high visibility.
  • Filter the pollutants.
  • Suitable for camping and hiking.
  • Panoramic design gives wide viewing angle.


  • It is a bit expensive.

15. Mira Safety CM-2M

Mira Safety CM-2M

If you want to buy the survival mask for your kids, then this could be it. It gives ample protection to them and avoids the kids from inhaling harmful chemicals or fumes when a disaster strikes. It is suitable for the kids of age ranging from 1.5 years to 15 years.

The mask protects from CBRN agents, radioactive dust, biological substances, iodine, dust, fog, and fume. The safety of your kid should be a priority. This mask is ideal for kids unlike other masks. It has a long shelf life and is made using the PMK-S rubber material. It has filters that filter out the harmful pollutants. You can replace these filters.

The anti-fogging film would give high visibility and allow you to use the mask for a longer period. The hose and pouch system equipped to the mask would reduce the weight on the face of the kid and allow them to wear it longer. It helps them to breathe fresh air.

The kid irrespective of their face size can wear it and adjust using the flexible straps. It is engineered to remove CBRN contaminants. It is widely used during fire, major natural disasters, war, nuclear event, terrorist attack and so on.

The cutting edge filter technology will filter the harmful gases and pollutants. It delivers incredible performance. The ultra-durable PMK-S rubber make is an ideal mask for babies and toddlers to use in serious situations. You must keep in the dust free environment to improve its longevity.


  • Perfect for kids.
  • Filter radioactive contaminants and biological substances that results in threat of many diseases.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Put less pressure on the kid’s face.
  • Comfortable and made of quality materials.


  • It is a bit expensive.

16. Mira Safety CM-7M

Mira Safety CM-7M

It is a military-grade gas mask that is available at the pocket-friendly price and is durable. It gives high protection to your eyes and faces from various harmful substances such as nuclear fallout, chemical gases, radiological elements, biological treats and so on. The mask comes with a drinking tubes system and a canister.

The mask is made using superior quality material known as Bromobutyl rubber. It is suitable to work at the temperature ranging from -30 degree centigrade to -70 degree centigrade. It is designed ergonomically and is comfortable for people to wear for an extended period without feeling uncomfortable.

The 180-degree wide view visor will give maximum visibility of surrounding objects. The sweat drainage system will drain out the sweat and keep you fresh always. The built-in speech diaphragm is the best part of this gas mask. It allows you to talk to the team members effectively while carrying out a security or military operation without having to remove the mask.

You can keep your body hydrated by using the drinking apparatus without having to remove the helmet or glasses that you are wearing. It protects against the biological, radiological, chemical and nuclear elements.

It also filters the chemicals, toxins, vapors and aerosols. It gives optimal comfort for the user and allows them to wear all-day. You can use this along with goggles.

The mask is hypoallergic and keeps the carbon dioxide levels inside the mask low and promotes the proper flow of air while keeping fog at bay.


  • Lightweight.
  • Made of quality material.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Comes with sweat drainage system.
  • Easy to keep the body hydrated.
  • Allow effective and easy communication.
  • Comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Filters all harmful substances.
  • Promotes proper flow of air.
  • Withstand extreme weather.


  • Seals little tight to the face.

What To Look While Buying The Best Gas Mask?

Gas masks were earlier used to be of M17. It is the mask that comprises chromium in the gas mask filter, which is now known as a carcinogen. There are many modifications done to the mask to make it comfortable for the wearer to wear.

Today, it has become mandatory for people to wear gas masks when they are in polluted atmospheric conditions. Here are a few factors you need to consider when buying the best gas mask that can wear to keep biological, chemical, and radiological toxins at bay:

1. Protection

Gas masks are available in different forms. Each one would give ample protection from harmful chemicals and toxins. However, not all would give protection against harmful agents. You should know from which one you want to protect yourself and buy the appropriate one.

People who want to buy the mask to protect them from CBRN agents and toxic industrial chemicals in the form of gases, vapors, and aerosols should opt for the mask that is of military-grade. It offers bulletproof protection to them and avoids people from inhaling harmful gases.

There are various things that you need to take into account when looking for the gas masks, such as ratings and seal of approval. It gives the level of protection that masks will offer you. You must buy the CBRN masks that give you protection from radiological, biological, nuclear, radioactive, and chemical toxins in the air for around 8 hours.

There are NBC masks available. These masks give high protection against biological, nuclear, and chemical toxins. However, these masks would not give protection to you from radioactive elements

There are also ratings available in the mask, such as CBA, RCA, and other masks. The downside is that these masks cannot protect from HAZRAT risks. The masks that are available in the market would give you protection against four key elements that you find poisonous in the air.

You must find the masks that are with NIOSH ratings. We know them for their effectiveness. The gas mask that is of N95 rating would possess the ability to filter out airborne particles up to 95%. However, this mask is not oil resistant.

If you want to protect your family from inhaling harmful gases, you can wear the N95 mask. If you want to protect from inhaling other toxins, you can wear a P100 rating mask. There are half masks and full respirators available in the market. The full-face respirators would give protection to the whole face and is widely used by security and military professionals.

2. Filter Cartridge

Another critical factor to consider when you are buying the best gas mask is the capability of the filter cartridge. It must filter 40 millimeters of NATO thread. There are different types of NATO filters available.

There are a few threat options that confine you to use only a specific filter. You must buy the filter that meets your needs. There are two types of filters, particle and gas filters.

The first one, filters the tiny particles and sends pure air for the users to inhale. It is highly effective and protects the lungs of the wearer. If you cannot breathe wearing the mask conveniently, it indicates that it is time to change the filters. It happens due to the accumulation of too many particles in the filter. It prevents you from inhaling.

Gas filter is another type of filter, you find in the gas masks. It is tough to know when you can replace this filter in the gas mask. If you do not change the gas filter frequently, it poses a serious threat to the wearer. When the gas filter stops to function, it will not filter the polluted air.

The user inhaling the harmful fumes, and gases would get prone to health issues. You need to change regularly by following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

3. Visibility

It is another vital factor you must consider when buying the gas mask. When you are fighting a war, fire, or performing law enforcement duties, there should be good visibility without which you cannot carry out the duties properly. The high visibility will allow you to see the obstacles, people, objects, and other things that surround you, to make the right decision that is rewarding.

It is best to use the masks that come with a single lens. It gives a lot of clarity in the vision and keeps the obstructions that are hindering your sight minimal. The Goggle masks available in the market would not give a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The worst part is that the material that is used to make the goggles and lens would take a toll on the clarity of the vision when you are working in unfavorable conditions. The best gas masks that you get in the market would cause obstruction just up to one inch of your peripheral vision. The visor equipped to the gas mask is resistant to heat to a certain degree.

4. Comfort

You will wear the gas masks in disastrous situations, so you must buy the one that comforts you for a long run, The toxins from which you are protected by wearing the masks would not vanish from the air in a few seconds or minutes.

There are high chances of you getting prone to those harmful pollutants. You must wear the mask longer to stay protected. The mask you are wearing must comfortably fit your face.

The two critical factors to which you must pay attention to while buying the mask is the nose cup and comfortable straps. Nose caps gives protection to the nose and mouth area. If the nose clip keeps on pricking you or pinching your nose, you cannot wear it for a longer duration.

The second thing you must pay attention to is the comfortable straps. It protects your head and fix the mask properly on your face. It offers you with the required level of comfort that you want besides protection. The nose cup and straps must be easy to adjust.

5. Filter Size

You also need to check the filter size. The size will decide the longevity of the gas mask and its functionality. The filters are classified into two classes.

That is the class 1 filter and the class 2 filters. The class 1 filter is used in the half face gas mask. The longevity of this filter is lesser compared to the class 2 filter. It can absorb fewer amounts of gases. It is not as effective as the class 2 filter but is a perfect headgear to use in-home activities.

The class 2 filter is highly effective and can absorb five times more than the class-1 filter. It is the best size of the filter that can absorb the gas and filter the air. It allows the wearer to enjoy inhaling pure air.

6. Durability

It is the most critical factor to consider when you are investing in a gas mask. The gas mask you choose must last for a longer period despite extreme wear and tear. The gas masks you are wearing must be able to withstand the adverse conditions.

You cannot frequently change your mask. It should be reusable and offer the same level of protection that you got the first time when you wore the mask. Always check if the mask has any leakage or breakage.

For the durability of the mask, the first thing you must check is with which material the mask is manufactured. The masks will stay durable and perform better when they are made of silicone and butyl rubber.

These are the widely used materials to make masks. The lens equipped to the mask must be made of polycarbonate material. It gives a high level of visibility and protection.

7. Hydration

When you are planning to buy a gas mask, you need to buy the one that keeps you hydrated for a long time and allow you to communicate with the surrounding people with no hindrance.

These features are unavailable in a few masks. If you have to wear the mask for a longer period, you need to keep your body hydrated and stay protected from the harmful and toxic agents. You must buy the mask that comes with a drinking tube so that you can quench your thirst with ease and without removing the mask.

8. Communication

There are certain tactical masks, specially designed for deployed military personnel’s or security team. They need to communicate effectively with the team. Some masks are equipped with voice amplifiers. The voice amplifier allows you to communicate with the team and perform your duties efficiently.

Based on the job you are performing, you must select the mask.Effective communication is critical to make the operation successful in the survival process.

9. Price

It is another key factor to consider when buying a gas mask. You cannot buy the one that is beyond your budget and comes with many bells and whistles.

You first have to identify the purpose of the mask and where will you use it. This will narrow down your search options and helps you find the ones that do not burn holes in your pocket. You must also pay attention to the quality of the mask.

10. Speech Diaphragm

If you are working with the security personnel or military in the operation, in a natural disaster or nuclear blast, you must use the mask with the speech diaphragm. As the mask covers the entire face, it becomes difficult for you to communicate with the team. Even if you want to communicate, you must remove the mask.

When you have a mask equipped with speech diaphragm, you can communicate with the team effectively. You must learn how the speech diaphragm works for the mask. When buying, test this feature in the mask and ensure that the voice comes out clearly.

11. Headband

It is another factor to consider when buying the best gas mask. You must check the straps that snugly keep the mask on the face. If the mask is loose, you will be exposed to the harmful air, and if it is too tight, you would feel congested and uncomfortable to wear it longer. The gas mask that you are buying must have a superior quality headband.

You will find two different types of designs in the headband. One is 4 points, and the other is 5 points. These are the total places from where you can tighten the mask so it stays on the face without falling.

Out of the two designs, the 5-point headband is the right one to use. You also need to check the material with which they make the headband. Ensure that it is made of high-grade material.

12. Hydration System Support

If you want to wear the mask for an extended period on the job, you must have some alternative to drink fluids without having to remove the mask. You must buy the mask that comes with the hydration system support.

You must connect the tube equipped to the mask to the bottle with the help of the hydrated adapter. The adapter equipped to the mask must be made of superior quality material and meet the NBC requirements.

13. Goggle

If you want to use the gas mask in the places where there is a nuclear blast, then there is a lot of smoke and chemicals released into the air. You also need to protect the eyes from the radiation spread through the nuclear plants for the blast. When you buy the gas mask equipped with goggle, it protects your eyes.

Ensure that the goggle is sturdy and is scratch resistant. It must be big to offer a wide-angle of view. Many people have poor vision. So, the mask must give enough room for you to wear the spectacles to have a clear picture of your surroundings. You must make sure that the goggles are made of superior quality material.

14. Material

You can improve the comfort and durability of the mask by purchasing the mask that is made of superior quality material. You must spend a good amount of time to find the mask that is manufactured using top-notch material that lasts longer.

The widely used material to manufacture the masks is rubber, silicone, and neoprene. The majority of masks that are available in the market are made using silicone material. It is easy to maintain and simple to clean.

The best thing is that it is flexible and offers ample comfort. The respirators equipped to the mask are made using butyl rubber material. They usually make the lenses with the help of polycarbonate material. You must buy the material that is sturdy and won’t break so easily.

15. Size

It is the most critical factor to consider when you are buying protective gear for you. When you buy a loose or tight one, you cannot work comfortably or wear it for a long time. The right-sized mask will sit on the face comfortably and gives a high level of protection. Besides this, it also gives maximum visibility in the harmful situation.

When you notice any harmful incident in your place, the right-size of the mask allows you to wear it quickly and avoid you from inhaling the hazardous gases. The masks are available in the following three sizes large, medium, and small.

If you are tall and have a big face, you must buy a large size mask. You won’t feel tight when you wear this mask during an emergency. The larger mask will make you feel comfortable and also gives you a sizeable viewing area. You can enjoy maximum visibility wearing this gas mask.

An average size person must purchase a medium size mask. Ensure to use the straps that keep the mask to your head properly. The medium size may be smaller or bigger for you. However, you can use the straps to adjust.

Small size is perfect for kids. However, when you are buying one, you must wear and check that fits your head size. It should not be too tight and keep pressing your head. The tight mask is tough to wear for a longer period.

What Are The Uses Of Gas Masks?

The emergency can arise at any point in time. Many people living in the flood-prone area and in the area where there is a frequent volcanic eruption would keep the survival kit with them. It has non-perishable food, necessary items, and water and survival goods.

One more thing that you would need to inhale fresh air and avoid falling prey to the harmful containments in the air is a gas mask. You can use the gas masks when you come across any of the following incidents:

1. Nuclear Radiation

There are many nuclear plants globally. When there is any unforeseen incident happens, you must have a survival mask handy. It is an emergency preparation that saves you from inhaling harmful radiations and gases released from the nuclear plants.

The gas mask will protect the person from various health issues due to radiation. The mask will prevent you from inhaling the radioactive particles active in the air. The mask stops the harmful radiation particles from hitting the lungs. It filters the air with the filter equipped to the mask.

It supplies clean and pure air for you to inhale. The face of the person does not get in contact with the radiation. The filters of the gas mask last for 5 to 10 years, but after continuous usage for 50 hours, you need to replace it.

2. Civil Unrest

Sometimes, the peaceful protests in the country could turn out to the violent and conflicting. You can escape from pepper spray and other harmful gases that are sprayed during a protest by wearing the gas mask. The law enforcement and the crowd who is protesting must use the gas masks.

When you wear the mask, it will not let the tear gas to hit your eyes and lungs. After we inhale the gas,, the eyes and lungs are mostly affected. The gas mask protects the eyes, nose, and mouth from tear gas.

3. Poor Air Quality

There is an increase in wildfires, which leads to the spread of smoke in different areas. The smoke results in respiratory issues. However, when you wear the gas mask that is made of superior quality materials, you can keep your lungs free from this smoke.

People who are living in the woods should keep a mask to combat disaster. For instance, whenever there is any wildfire to avoid inhaling harmful fumes and smoke.

4. Biological Warfare Agents

There are many biological agents such as plague, bacteria, fungi, glanders, q fever, and anthrax released into the air during the war, and it takes a toll on the health of many people. It results in illness and death.

The effective way to keep you protected from the biological attack is to use the gas masks. The design of the mask protects from biological, radioactive, and chemical agents. It protects the respiratory system and the face of the wearer.

5. Natural Disasters

The common natural disasters include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. It affects the lives of many people. Gas masks are an essential survival gear that is required for the civilians to avoid inhaling harmful dust and fumes.

For instance, when there is a volcanic eruption, there are many gases released into the air. By having a protective mask, you can filter the harmful particles and breathe only the fresh air.

6. Military Operations

You must wear the gas mask in the battle and active war zones to avoid inhaling poisonous and harmful gases. The soldiers must use the masks that are military grade. It gives ample protection to the army from the biological and chemical attacks.

7. Wildfire

When there is a fire out broke in your area, you can avoid inhaling the harmful gases by wearing the gas mask. The smoke has carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. However, not all cartridges can filter these gases.

There are a few respirators with carbon filtering that can filter these gases. Few of the masks cannot withstand extreme temperature, and it results in injuring the face and skin. You must buy the model of the gas mask that protects from gases.

8. Chemical Weapons

The gases that are released from the chemical weapons are poisonous to the human body. When you wear the gas mask, it helps you to stay safe. The gas mask has a filter that purifies the air so that the wearer can inhale this pure air without taking a toll on their lungs. It is helpful to use when you are in a contaminated environment.

You must spend some money to buy a superior quality gas mask. If you are visiting the contaminated areas or the radioactive areas, you must wear the gas mask that meets the safety standards.

9. Volcanic Fallout

If you have to rescue the people in the volcanic erupted areas, you would need a gas mask. The rescuers have to deal with high temperatures and fumes. You can work safely in such an environment only by wearing a gas mask.

You must wear the full face mask to avoid getting in contact with a high temperature dangerous for you.

Different Types Of Gas Masks

There are three types of gas masks available in the market. You need to choose the one that is perfect for you to wear and fulfills your needs. These masks provide a high level of protection from inhaling harmful pollutants.

1. Air-Purifying Respirator

A respirator covers the mouth and the nose properly and leaves the eyes to get exposed. However, when there is any biological, nuclear, or chemical disaster, this respirator is not going to offer a high level of protection to you since your eyes are prone to contaminants.

The Air-purifying respirators will filter out the fumes, tear gas, vapor, dust, mist, and other gases that are present in the air with the help of the cartridge or filter equipped to the gas mask.

It only purifies the harmful gases present in the air, but does not supply the required oxygen. If you are wearing APRs in the place where there is no oxygen, then it won’t work. They put the APR on the face and has two cartridges to breathe fresh air. It also has a face visor to see the objects around.

There are two types of air-purifying respirators. These include:

1. Positive Pressure Respirator

There is a positive air pressure that is generated by the fan. The incoming air would be passed through the filters inside the mask.

2. Negative Pressure Respirator

There is a chemical or mechanical filter that is used to purify the air that is coming inside. The Air-purifying respirator will purify the air that you breathe. However, it is not suitable to give protection from chemical warfare. The eyeballs are affected because of the chemical reaction and biological infection. You must wear eye protection to survive in the chemical attack.

2. Full Face Gas Mask

The full-face gas mask gives protection to the full face. These can defend against the poisonous gases and chemicals.

These type of gas masks has a cartridge or filter. There are a few mask filters that are made using activated carbon or charcoal to filter out the harmful pollutants. When the charcoal is full, it releases the toxins that are captured by it.

You must keep on changing the filter or cartridge to inhale only fresh air. The full face masks offer a high level of protection to the full-face. The filters present in the mask will purify the air that is filled with chemicals, vapor, or dust and avoid you from inhaling the harmful things that can affect your health.

When you are exposed to the toxins, chemicals, poisonous vapors, it can cause many malignant diseases such as cancer, respiratory issues, and death. If you are residing in the areas prone to wildfire or terror attacks, you can buy this full face mask to protect you and your family members from inhaling poison. It covers the face, and you can see the surroundings through the glass or plastic plates.

3. SCBA Masks

It is a highly effective yet heaviest mask available in the market. It is widely used by the firefighters when they step into the room that is filled with smoke. It is the self-contained breathing apparatus. The mask allows you to hold the tank full of air and offer a top level of protection.

The tank that is filled with air is passed inside the mask and supplies you with fresh air regularly. There is a positive pressure put inside the mask. When this type of gas mask maintains high pressure, then you are not prone to the poisonous fumes or gases in the surrounding atmosphere.

The tank that is full of air can only supply oxygen for 30 to 60 minutes. You must refill the oxygen with the help of special equipment.

Working Of Gas Masks

The working of gas masks is simple. The masks will purify the air and then supply it to you so that the harmful gases, organic chemicals or dust won’t enter the lungs. It allows the wearers to inhale fresh air free from toxic fumes and gases.

The gas masks are widely used in emergency conditions when there is leakage of harmful gas or wildfire or volcanic eruption. It is also used in the construction industries to avoid employees from inhaling the dust.

The gas mask gives protection to humans from both particles and gases that cause damage to the lungs when inhaled. The best example of gas masks is that the industrial and construction workers can avoid inhaling welding fumes. Apart from protecting the nose and mouth, some gas masks also protect the eyes and soft tissues of the face.

The gas mask purifies the air that you breathe. The particle filtration equipped to the mask does the filtration process and produce clear air. The pure air is inhaled by the person wearing the gas mask. They also filter the dangerous particles and. neutralizes the chemicals to make it less harmful.

Different Components Of A Gas Mask

A gas mask comprises of four types of components. Which are as follows:

1. Face Cover

The face cover is the most crucial part of the gas mask. It keeps all the components in one place. You must buy the full face mask as it gives complete protection to the nose, neck, and mouth over the half face mask. It safeguards your face from harmful gases and heat.

It is sealed thoroughly to protect from fumes and gases. You can vent out the gases from inside to outside using the exhalation valves. Silicone rubber is the widely used material for manufacturing the face cover. The silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures and ideal for commercial and industrial use. The face cover would easily fit the head size of the wearer.

2. Filter Cartridges

It is another critical component of the gas mask. The job of the filter is to filter out the contaminated and harmful air. It supplies the pure air to the nose for inhaling. It would not cause any danger or damage to your lungs. The filter cartridge is a canister that is made using the plastic material.

The depth of the canister is just 1 inch that it purifies the polluted air. There are different types of filters used. They activate the most widely used carbon filters. The carbon can filter the gases and fumes in the air compared to the other filters.

The best part of the activated carbon is that it can absorb organic gases. It gives a high level of protection to the users from inhaling hazardous gases that are released during the chemical and biological attacks. They make the cartridge filter using styrene plastic.

3. Straps

It is another essential component of the gas mask. It is made using silicone material and offers a high level of flexibility. The straps keep the mask on the head of the wearer snugly without letting it fall. There are extra straps used in the gas mask to stabilize both the neck and head. The metal rivets would help you attain the stability of the mask. It keeps the mask tight on the face without letting it lose its flexibility.

4. Eyepieces

The eyepiece would focus on the lens equipped to the mask. It protects from debris, heat, and gases that are harmful. The eyepiece would be resistant to water, heat, and extreme temperatures. The material that is used to manufacture the eyepiece is polycarbonate plastic.

How To Maintain The Gas Mask?

You can improve the longevity of the mask by maintaining it regularly. When you use it regularly, there is a lot of dust and dirt gets accumulated. Even if you do not use, the dust piles up around the mask.

You must store the mask in the airtight bag to reduce the damage. There are different ways to clean the mask thoroughly. It is fun to clean the mask. You must keep it as a priority to maintain and clean the mask frequently; especially when you are buying a high-end model of the mask that you will use for nuclear, chemical, or biological warfare.

When you clean the mask properly, it avoids you from getting prone to harmful gases. It would not compromise your health because of toxic fumes. The gas mask must be maintained to keep it in a top-notch condition.

Here is the procedure you can follow in cleaning the mask and keeping it neat and in a working condition

1. Prepare The Required Supplies

You must buy all the essential supplies that are required for you to clean the mask neatly and make it function optimally. Even if you are using a low end or high-end mask; you must have these supplies.

These include rubbing alcohol, cloth to wipe, flushable wipes, and cotton swabs. These are the things easily available in home. You must have all these materials to clean the mask.

2. Set Up The Room

You must arrange an area where you can clean the mask that is dirty. The space you have set up should avoid unnecessary spillages. If you want to clean the mask inside the home, you must keep all the things and mask on the waterproof cover.

All your requirements for cleaning, should be easily accessible from where you are sitting. It keeps the accidental spillages at bay and allows you to clean the mask briskly.

3. Detach The Components Of The Gas Mask

If you are planning to clean every nook and cranny of the mask, you must detach all the components and clean them separately. You should know how to detach each part carefully and assemble them back to normal.

You must start the cleaning process with the filter cartridge that is at the lower front of the mask. The cartridges are easy to remove and replace with the fresh one.

You must detach the exterior part of the mask. There will be one or two pieces based on the gas mask model you have. When the gasket is detached, you must remove the rubber part that covers the respirator’s mouth.

The next thing to clean is the strap. Undeniably straps are the vital parts of the mask. You must be cautious while removing the straps.

There are chances of them getting broken when you press hard. You must apply a little pressure to remove the straps. There will be two rubber pieces that you must remove from the gas mask. These are easy to remove.

4. Cleaning

After detaching all the components from the gas mask, the cleaning process starts. It becomes a piece of cake for you to clean the components as every part is removed and is available separately.

You must use the cotton pads and dip them in the rubber alcohol. Rub the lens, rubber, or plastic surface of the mask and cartridges thoroughly. You must use cotton swabs. These swabs must be dipped in the alcohol to clean every area of the gas mask.

You can also reach out to the places where the cUtton pads find it tough to clean. After cleaning, use the wipes to clean the surface of the mask. You can use the dry cloth to clean the mask. The thickness of the cloth will absorb rubber alcohol and leave no wetness.

FAQs on Gas Masks

1. What Is The Lifespan Of A Gas Mask?

The gas masks will work optimally for 20 years. The longevity of the mask depends on the filters. You must keep on replacing the filters as and when their functioning stops.

The filters will last only for 24 hours when you are wearing it in the places where there is a nuclear disaster, chemical spillage, or biological spread. The duration of the gas mask also depends on the toxic agents it is prone to along with the concentration.

When you begin using the mask, it lasts only for 24 hours, and after that, you must replace the filter canister. If the surrounding ambiance of your residence is filled with chemicals, then the duration of the mask would be reduced. The period also depends on the capacity of the filters.

The shelf life of a few filters would be longer. If you have the mask equipped with a charcoal-based filter, you must keep it in the airtight box to improve its longevity. By storing the mask in the appropriate place would also boost its lifespan.

2. How To Take Good Care Of The Gas Mask?

The longevity of the mask can be improved by maintaining it properly. It also makes the mask work effectively. There are two things that you must check in the mask regularly. The first is the filter, and the other one is the respirator. You must keep on changing the filter frequently to make it work optimally and clean the respirator to avoid inhaling dust and grime.

You must replace the filter if you are wearing it in the contaminated area. Remember, to dispose the filter that is damaged, soiled, or that is not letting you breathe properly. If the mask filter is working optimally, you still have to change it after 30 days or using it for 40 hours.

You must clean the mask respirator after every use thoroughly since it has by dust, toxic fumes, hair particles, hazardous material and other tiny pollutants. You can use the cloth that comes with the mask to clean the respirator, or you can use the cleaning solution.

You can put the mask in the solution and scrub it using the brush to clean it neatly. The solution that you are using to clean the respirator must not go beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Who Can Wear The Gas Mask?

When there is a disaster at your places such as nuclear fallout, volcanic eruption, leakage of gas, wildfire, or any other disaster, you must wear the mask to avoid inhaling harmful pollutants that can take a toll on your health. Breathing with the help of the respirator differs from breathing the open air.

However, people who are suffering from asthma and respiratory problems must think before using the mask. The older people who have claustrophobia would also carefully use the mask. If you would like to drink water wearing the mask, make sure that your mask has the drinking straw. People with vision problems would find it difficult to see through the gas mask.

4. How To Wear The Gas Mask?

There is a procedure for you to wear a gas mask. If you do not wear it properly, then there are high chances of you inhaling the contaminated gas in your surroundings. It is the five-step procedure you must embrace to wear the mask:

  • You must loosen the mask and pull the straps to the front to avoid obstruction.
  • Snugly fit the chin in the provided chin cup. You must wear the mask by putting your face in the upward direction while the jaw in its place.
  • Keep the nose in the provided nose cup.
  • Pull the straps behind the head.
  • You must tie the mid, top and neck strap.
  • Ensure that the seal is tight and cover it with filters. If you feel the air from outside is entering the mask, then you must refit it.

5. Would The Mask Help You To Avoid Inhaling Nuclear Substances?

You must buy a mask that can filter nuclear substances. The mask should have proper sealing, and a good durability. You will be using this mask for a while. The mask that you want to wear must have an approval from the NBC and CBRN with the right sealing and filters. It is better to avoid a beard while wearing this mask to reduce the problems with facial hair.

6. Can You Wear A Gas Mask With Eyeglasses?

There are a few special eyeglasses that you must wear with the gas masks. These work better in conjunction with the gas mask over the regular eyewear. You need inserts to fit the unique lens inside the mask to see the surroundings. The inserts will protect the seal from getting broken. You must wear contacts when you are wearing a mask. You can opt for a new frame that better fits with your lens.

7. How To Choose The Best Gas Mask For Kids?

The gas mask manufacturers have come up with masks for children. These masks are available in two different sizes. The kids of age 1.5 can use the size 1 to 6 years, and the size two can be used by the kids of age 6 to 15 years comfortably.

When you are selecting the gas mask for your little one, you must pick the one that is comfortable for them to wear for a long time. If the mask is irritating and suffocating for kids, they remove the mask and show reluctance to wear it.

There are themed masks that come with their favorite cartoon pictures. These will encourage the kids to wear the mask and stay away from inhaling harmful pollutants. The mask you are buying for kids must be durable and with wide lenses.

8. What Is A Gas Mask?

The gas mask is a lightweight mask that people wear to inhale fresh air in the areas where the air is polluted because of disasters. Disasters can be nuclear, biological, radioactive, or chemical. A gas mask supplies clean air to the person wearing the mask.

The mask gives ample protection to the wearer with the help of the airtight seal on the face of the person. The mask filters the air that is passed from the mask. It has a filter and an air-tight sealing that you find right around the mouth.

There is a transparent eyepiece, and a valve from where you can exhale breathes. There are a few straps that will keep the mask stick to the face without falling often. It also comes with a protective hood.

9. What Is Filtered By The Gas Mask?

The gas mask filters so many harmful gases and toxic vapors. However, the varied elements filtered depend on the distinct model of filter equipped in the gas mask.

There is a unique color-coding given to the filters. You must buy a purple filter, if you would like to filter the radioactive particles present in the air. If you want to avoid inhaling the gases spread from the wildfire or burning of a building, you must buy the filter that can do this job. You can find a wide range of filters, which can purify carbon monoxide present in the air, ammonia, and pesticides.

Final Word

When you are in a contaminated environment that is filled with harmful fumes and gases, you must have the gas mask to stay safe. We have compiled the top 16 gas masks along with the pros and cons. You can go through the review of each gas mask and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. You must buy the one that keeps you protected and allows you to inhale pure air, even in hazardous areas.