Best Survival Foods 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Mountain House Classic Meal Assortment Best Survival Food Mountain House Freeze Dried Biscuits and Gravy MREs Box B

Nature, at its best, is unpredictable. Someone’s normal routine can always be disrupted by natural and man-made calamities that cannot be predicted even though their presence is always known.

You know that hurricanes strike your area but the exact date and time are beyond your control. The best that can be done is staying prepared to ride out the calamity.


Many times, the disasters turn life upside down. Interrupts shipping and transportation for several days and can cause food shortages. We should prepare ourselves in advance by stocking the best survival foods.

That said, survival foods are not only meant for natural emergencies but for many campers and hikers, as they rely on them when they traverse through the wilderness.

In order to understand the different types of products available in the nonperishable section, there are certain factors that you need to know about and consider before buying this survival gear. Whether you are looking for the best survival foods to buy at the grocery store or plan to grow some on your own, this guide will help you to make an informed decision.

We have made a list of 40 best survival foods that are tested and are rated well. This list will also enable you to understand what you need to stock up on to stay nourished during the time of emergency.

Top 40 Best Survival Foods 2022

1. Mountain House Classic Bucket

Mountain House Classic Meal Assortment Best Survival Food

Known to be in the business of supplying best prepper foods for 50 years, the classic bucket from Mountain House offers full meals which have a proven shelf life of about 30 years. Be it campers or experts who take up various survival challenges, these meals are known to not compromise on taste while being storage-friendly.

This classic bucket consists of 12 pouches of complete meals. You will find 2 sets of – rice and chicken teriyaki, noodles with beef stroganoff, beef stew, meat sauce and lasagna, chicken and noodles, and a mix of milk and blueberries with granola.

These meals require you to add water and in 10 minutes you get the desired meal ready. These foods also follow the USDA recommendation and make up to offer 2000 calories/day.

The 12 pouches also add to provide for 29 servings. The food also contains coconut, egg, wheat, milk, and soy products. Mushrooms are also added to the chicken teriyaki and beef stroganoff meals.


  • A single person can survive for 4 days on the bucket
  • Serves daily calorie needs
  • Tasty food served with health in mind
  • Bucket has a a proven shelf life of 30 years.
  • No need to store in refrigerator
  • Quick to make, just add hot water


  • Contains soy which often acts as allergens
  • The price seems expensive to some

2. Mountain House Freeze Dried Biscuits And Gravy

Mountain House Freeze Dried Biscuits and Gravy

In times of emergency, the survivors often are the ones who have the foresight to stock up on dried foods so that there is no need to go out to buy every few days. Mountain House has the reputation of producing the best survival foods that is the preferred choice for campers and backpackers.

They serve quality meals that are easy to prepare, and good to taste. These freeze-dried food pouches can be bought and stored for at least 10 years. The classic biscuits and gravy are filled with nutrients that will sustain your body while still tasting great.

The meal consists of buttermilk biscuits, gravy mix, and pork patty crumbles. You only need to add about 1¾ cups hot water and let it rest for 10 mins. You can opt for single pouches or a can with 10 pouches if you are considering storing more.

The brand also caters to people with different appetites. The 4-pack set contains single servings which is good if you are a light eater. For fuller appetite, you can opt for the 6-pack set. These contain two servings each measuring 1 cup.


  • Made in just 10 mins
  • Proven 30 years shelf life without taste going bad
  • Servings are fulfilling
  • Healthy buttermilk biscuits and filling gravy
  • Meets daily calorie needs


  • Contains soy and wheat, known allergens
  • Some found it to be spicy

3. MREs Box B

MREs Box B

The MREs or Meal, Ready – To – Eat carton is made keeping military standards in mind. These food items have a shelf life of 7 years. The Box B comes with 12 menus, number 13 to number 24 along with a flameless heater. These meals require just the addition of hot water and you can have a meal of 1250 calories.

The case comes with an average weight of 21 lbs. and these rations include entrees, beverage powders, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Each meal consists of a complete set of meal without compromising on the taste. The carton also contains necessity items like match boxes, napkins, and basic utensils.


  • Ideal for individual meals
  • Food packed keeping health and taste in mind
  • Each menu comes with proper servings
  • Basic utensils are provided
  • Flameless ration heater is provided with the carton


  • The heater may produce an unpleasant odor
  • Random packing may cause items to not match the list

4. Mountain House Adventure Meals

Mountain House Adventure Meals

If you are looking for the best survival foods to buy at the grocery store then this ecofriendly food pouch from Mountain House can be considered. Having been known to produce freeze-dried foods that can easily last for more than 20 years, their food products are a natural choice for campers and emergency preppers.

Keeping the needs of mountaineers and preppers in mind the Biscuit and Gravy meal comes in TerraCycle packaging that is recyclable thus effectively reducing waste pollution. The buttermilk biscuits come with spicy peppered gravy with pork sausages added to increase the protein intake per serving.

Besides being eco-friendly, each packet contains two servings of which are enough for one person with a larger appetite. In terms of preparation, just the addition of hot water and waiting for about 10 minutes is enough.

While the meal is prepared in the freeze-dried method, these foods do not need to be stored in the freezer. Storing them in a cool and dry place will not make them lose their taste and nutritional value.


  • The packaging is recyclable
  • Food tastes good
  • Gravy is enhanced with spices and herbs
  • Contains pork pieces along with vegetables
  • Easy to make
  • Servings are enough for one adult
  • Contains no artificial flavoring or color
  • Has a proven shelf life of 30 years


  • May contain soy and wheat
  • Some may find the buttermilk biscuit too dry

5. Augason Farms Sliced Strawberries 

Augason Farms Sliced Strawberries 

During the time of emergencies, you need not only rely on MREs and prepared meals which may or may not sit well with your preferred diet. Having fruits added to your diet will definitely help you not only stay healthy during the crisis period but also preserve your taste buds with the variety in your diet.

The Augason Farms addresses this need through their sliced and freeze-dried fruits. The strawberries from their farm come loaded with vitamin C in a 6.4 oz. can. The best thing about these strawberries is that they can be eaten as a meal or be added to cakes or cereals.

The fruit comes in a rust-proof and airtight can made of steel provides the best protection to the food from pests and natural elements without contaminating the contents within. These strawberries, aside from having 630 calories with servings of 18 also are gluten-free.

This makes them the ideal meal for vegans and people with allergies. And if you are someone who likes to recycle then consider using the empty cans for future gardening projects. The Augason Farms sliced strawberries also come with 30 years of shelf life.


  • Gluten free certified strawberries
  • Comes with 30 years shelf life
  • Fruits are loaded with nutrients
  • Easy to rehydrate, addition of warm water does it
  • Can is airtight and rustproof
  • Has 18 servings
  • The cans are recyclable


  • Most slices are crushed
  • Can is filled halfway

6. Wild Planet Pink Salmon

Wild Planet Pink Salmon

In case of emergencies, being prepared is not something you consider at the last moment. Stacking up on essentials is a skill and not hard to master. But many consider that dry goods like biscuits and MREs are only worth their time and money.

Adding nutrients from other sources like fishes and meats are often not considered for their shelf-life are not too great.

That said, the sustainably fished Alaskan pink salmons from Wild Planet are safe to be stored for about 5 years without worrying about the fish meat inside going bad. These pink salmons are deboned, skinned, and cooked to preserve the nutrients. Being gluten-free, this food is rich in protein, omega 3 and Vitamin D.

With a calorie count of 90 calories, Wild Planet’s oink salmons are perfect for people following the keto and paleo diets. These fishes also do not compromise on the taste. The process of cooking occurs after the fish is packed in the canthus all the juices within contain the goodness of taste and health. The pack of 12 cans also is free from GMO and comes with the certification of OU Kosher Pareve.


  • Each can come with 3 servings
  • Rich in vitamin D, omega 3 and protein
  • Is gluten free and comes without added preservatives
  • Ideal for people on keto and pale diets
  • Fishes are caught keeping sustainability in mind
  • Comes in salted and no salted options


  • Has a shelf life of just 5 years
  • Needs to be refrigerated once opened

7. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff With Noodles

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff With Noodles

If you want to avoid the stress of cleaning up after a meal then Mountain House pouches are what you should buy. This brand has a reputation of being in the business of storage food and prepper kits for 50 years backed by the trust of the US Military.

The beef stroganoff and noodles entrée meal come in a pouch that contains 2.5 servings with each serving measuring 1 cup. This makes the meal ideal for someone with a good appetite. That said, you need not worry about your dietary needs for each serving provides for about 260 calories that fit well with any diet plan.

The easy to cook meal requires no additional cups and utensils. You simply add hot water, let it sit for about 10 minutes, stir, and eat direct from the pouch. No need to wash dirty dishes when water becomes a scarcity during emergencies.

Coming to the food itself, the pouch contains ribbon noodles and cooked beef in a gravy made of mushrooms, corn starch syrup, and lemon juice which eggs added. The creamy texture is brought with the aid of sour cream and dry milk. The whole meal is cooked and freeze-dried.


  • 2.5 servings are good for an adult
  • Taste is retained even after free dried
  • Comes with a proven shelf life of 30 years
  • No need to clean up as consumption can be done from the pouch
  • Preparation time is less than 10 mins
  • Each serving provides 260 calories


  • Can be allergic for some as it contains mushroom, soy and wheat
  • Some find the meal mild in taste

8. SOS Food Labs, Inc. Emergency Ration Cinnamon Bars

SOS Food Labs, Inc. Emergency Ration Cinnamon Bars

Many freeze-dried foods often tend to leave the consumer feeling a bit dehydrated leading to the consumption of large quantities of water. That may not be a good option if the water is a scarcity during the emergency.

The cinnamon bars from SOS Food Labs solve the problem with their proven formula that does not make you thirsty after consuming their food bar. These food bars from SOS Food Labs comes with the approval of the US Coast Guards. The carton contains 20 packs with each pack containing 9 bars.

With 400+ calories present in each bar; it is advised to consume 3 bars for the duration of the day to meet the required calorie need. The cinnamon bars have a delicious flavor and come with a shelf life of 5 years making them great for preppers and backpackers. The addition of desiccated coconut adds a cookie taste to the food bar.


  • Tastes like coconut cookie
  • Lasts for 5 years
  • Each pack of 9 bars provides for 3600 cals
  • Affordable
  • Comes with non-thirsty formula which is approved by USCG
  • Each pack of 9 bars lasts for 3 days


  • The sugar content is high
  • Bars don’t come wrapped individually

9. Survivor Industries Mainstay Emergency Calories Bar

Survivor Industries Mainstay Emergency Calories Bar

Mainstay Emergency food rations come with the requirements of calorie intake that is deemed fit by the US Coast Guards. The lemon-flavored food bars each comes with 400 calories and is loaded with the necessary nutrients of vitamins and minerals. With a shelf life of 5 years and RDA approved which makes them consumable by anyone.

The calorie bars also come with the No Thirst Provoking guarantee making them great in conditions where water is scarcity. The bars are made sugar, flour, vegetable shortening, and corn starch.

This makes them feel and taste like cakes and the addition of flavorings of lemon and vanilla make them more edible. These bars also contain vitamins like A, B-1, B-2, D, E, B-6, B-12, folic acid and niacin.


  • 5 years shelf life
  • Rich in nutrients
  • RDA and USCG approved
  • Contains no thirst provoking formula
  • Meets the daily calorie intake of an adult
  • Lemon flavor makes the bars tastes really good


  • Bars are not wrapped individually making storage a bit difficult after opening
  • High in sugar, not ideal for diabetic

10. Peak Refuel Camping Food

Peak Refuel Camping Food

Made by avid campers, the Peak Refuel brand understands and meets the protein requirements of the body with every meal they serve. The freeze-dried high protein beef pasta marinara not only refuels your body making you feel full but also satiates your taste buds. The 6.35 oz. pack contains 2 full servings and each serving provides for 490 calorie intakes.

These products are non-GMO ingredients making them organic and fit for consumption by everyone. Coming to the protein content, the pouch contains 49 gm of protein which accounts for the daily protein intake with one meal.

The reason behind this high protein is that in times of restraining yourself with the rations often protein is neglected which causes muscles to weaken.

The meal itself is tasty given that fillers are not used. You will be getting cooked and chunky beef mixed with instant rotini pasta that’s made from semolina and wheat. All these are mixed with marinara sauce which is rich in tomatoes and cheese.

Adding 10.5 oz. of boiling water will ensure that you get your entrée in less than 10 minutes. Freeze-dried technique also helps lock all the nutrients better in the meal.


  • Each packet contributes to 990 calories of intake, per meal
  • Tastes good and wholesome
  • Prepping time is less than 10 minutes
  • Need to add lesser amount of water
  • MRE grade, can be eaten from the packet
  • High in protein with real meat used
  • 2 servings are enough to feed two people


  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Some find this to be expensive

11. Augason Farms Food Storage

Augason Farms Food Storage

Augason Farms is a favorite for people who love to stay prepared for any form of evacuation. And, like always, they have come up with a great solution to scenarios where families have to evacuate in a rush.

Their 1-person meal pail sustains one adult for 30 days, can be stretched to 45 days too. The pail has dimensions of 12 x 12 x 20 inches and has a weight of 8.5 gallons.

A family of 4 can survive, healthily, on the pail for a week. The shelf life of the pouches included in the pail is 25 years, making them the ideal survival food kit. The freeze-dried cooked meals require no special place for storage.

You can tuck the pail in your closet or stack it in your basement. You just need a place that is dry and cool. The pail is made to be watertight, free of corrosion, and safe from pests. Each pail contains a variation of 8 to 12 meals.

The meals range from breakfasts to dinner entrees. You also get a 30 days and 45 days planner prepared for you so that you can get a healthy and hearty meal even during times of crisis.

Coming to the dietary requirements, the meals are prepared to meet the daily 1184 calories and 47 grams of protein each day. the whole pail has 307 servings. Just add hot water and your meal is ready in minutes.


  • Assorted meals that tastes good
  • Meets the daily dietary requirements
  • Easy to store
  • Has a shelf life of 25 years
  • Comes with a 30 days and 45 days planner
  • Easy to carry pail with handle
  • Comes with a certification from Quality Survival Standards (QSS)


  • The food pouches quality could be made better
  • Some find it expensive
  • The banana meal comes with 10 years warranty

12. Mountain House Food Case

Mountain House Food Case

With over 50 years of experience in serving outdoor survival experts and helping preppers to avert starvation during crisis, Mountain House comes with an easy to carry, store and prepare meal set that will last you for 14 days. The 14 days kit is ideal for a single person and the dietary requirements are also met.

Each meal set of breakfast, lunch, and dinner provides for 1800 calories approximately. The whole set makes for 100 servings. The storage of these pouches is easy as they weigh only 12.9 lbs. and they come with a shelf life of 30 years.

The meals that are packed in the case have 2 to 2.5 servings, with each serving measuring 1 cup. The taste of the food is not compromised given that it is cooked and the freeze-dried technology locks in all the necessary nutrients and tastes. You need to add hot water, stir it, wait for 10 mins, and your meal is ready. You can eat directly from the pouch or use a plate.

There are a total of 18 types of meals packed in the case, and they are: 5 breakfast skillets, 3 biscuits and gravy, 2 scrambled eggs with bacons, 2 scrambled eggs with ham and peppers, 2 granola mix with blueberries and milk, 4 pasta primavera, 3 chicken and rice, 2 beef stew, 2 beef stroganoff, 2 chicken fried rice, 2 chili mac with beef, 2 lasagna with meat sauce, 2 mac and cheese, 2 Mexican style rice and chicken, 2 chicken and noodles, 2 Italian style pepper steaks, 2 spaghetti with meat sauce, and 1 chicken teriyaki with rice.


  • Have a good assortment of meals
  • Meets the daily calorie intake
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Servings cater to full stomach
  • Preparation time is 10 minutes
  • Has 30 years of shelf life
  • Tastes good


  • Some items might be missing, check with the supplier
  • Contains wheat and soy which might cause allergies in some

13. Captain Dave’s MRE Entrée Meals

Captain Dave's MRE Entrée Meals

If you are looking for better options in your entrees then Captain Dave’s ready to eat meals are ideal for you. These MREs comes in cardboard boxes which makes them light to carry and easy to store. Being entrees, these can be eaten on their own or you can pair them up with bread.

Each packet weighs 8 ounces and being basic meals, you can forego all other dessert and breakfast combos if you are looking for quick and satisfying meals. The meals also retain their taste and nutritional value. If you are looking for food that includes best beans for survival then Captain Dave’s MRE case is what you should buy.

The 12 entrée meals that are included in the kit are: beef stew, turkey chili with beans, BBQ chicken with black beans and potatoes, chicken noodle stew, chicken with rice and vegetables, beef taco, lentil stew with ham and potatoes, chicken fajitas, vegetable stew with beef, macaroni and beef, chicken with noodles and vegetables, pinto beans stew, Asian style beef, chicken with tomatoes, cheese tortellini, and pasta with marinara sauce and veggie crumbles. The meat quantity ensures that daily protein intake is met.


  • No fuss meals
  • 12 entrees that will cater to an adult
  • Tastes good and can be eaten cold
  • Have a wide assortment to choose from
  • Unwanted rations are avoided
  • Affordable given the amount
  • Has a shelf life of 10 years


  • Some may not have the cardboard sleeves
  • Requires boiling water to be prepared.

14. Sure-Pak Survival Kit

Sure-Pak Survival Kit

If you are looking to stock up on your emergency supply then adding the Sure-Pak MRE to your list will be a good idea. This waterproof and airtight cardboard box has a shelf life of 5 years under the temperature of 70 degrees F.

The higher the temperature; the lower will be the shelf life. Likewise, if you have colder climates then the food will have a longer shelf life.

The pack contains 12 packs in the form of 2 packs each of 6 varied menus. You can choose to buy the one with the flameless ration heater or the one without the heater given your preparedness. The case weighs 17 pounds and can be stored easily in a place that is dry and cool.

The meal-kit contains a complete set of side dishes, entrees, dessert, bread or crackers, and spread. You also get beverage powders, condiments, spoon, napkins, coffee, and wet naps. Each meal provides for 900 to 1250 calories thus ideally, a person should consume two packets each day.

As for the menus, you can choose 6 from the 12-food available, which are beef ravioli, beef stew, cheese omelet with vegetables, chili macaroni, cheese tortellini, and vegetable lasagna to name a few. You can opt for the vegetarian pack too as per your food habits.


  • Complete meal to sustain one person for 6 days
  • Comes with a heater for easy use
  • Has added napkins and coffee
  • Meals are prepared keeping the taste buds in mind
  • Meets the RDA recommended calorie intake
  • Waterproof case is easy to store


  • All are packed in 2015, check the date of manufacturing while purchasing
  • Some find it expensive

15. SOS Food Lab Emergency Rations

SOS Food Lab Emergency Rations

The emergency food bars from SOS Food Lab comes with a proven no thirst provocation formula that ensures that once you consume the food bar you will not feel like drinking water to keep you hydrated.

Each pack contains 9 food bars that are sealed using the vacuum technology and you get 5 such packs. The coconut flavored food bars each has 400 calories.

Hence, as per the guidelines, you should consume 3 such bars per day to meet your dietary requirements. The SOS food bars also meet the requirements stated by the US Coast Guards, making them ideal for emergency situations. These food bars are meant to provide you with the energy required to survive until your next ration purchase.


  • Tastes like coconut cookies
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with a shelf life of 5 years
  • Provides instant energy
  • Vacuum sealed bars


  • Food bars are not wrapped individually

16. Survival Tabs Gluten-Free Survival Tabs

Survival Tabs Gluten-Free Survival Tabs

For consumers with specific dietary needs, these survival tablets will surely be a favorite. With a shelf life of 25 years, the survival tablets from The Survival Tabs contain the essential 15 vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy during the time of crisis. There are 24 chewable tablets in a pouch and you get 4 such pouches which are ideal to keep a person going for 8 days.

Each 3.9 gm tab consist of 20 calories. The tablets are also prepared with non-GMO ingredients hence you can rest assured that you are getting quality food. There are four flavors that you get in the form of four pouches. These flavors are chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and strawberry. These just in case chewable tab pouches are perfect addition to your survival kit.


  • Chewable tablets which are tasty
  • Provides the required 15 essential minerals and vitamins
  • Easy to carry pouches
  • Has a shelf life of 25 years
  • Carbohydrates provide the most energy
  • Affordable


  • Tabs are not wrapped individually
  • Some may find the calorie intake not enough

17. Survival Ind Emergency Drinking Water

Survival Ind Emergency Drinking Water

For people looking up to stack water the Mainstay emergency kit of 60 pouches should feature in their list. The company is certified by the US Coast Guard and the items produced for emergency survival offer rations that are designed to keep a person alive under extreme conditions.

The kit contains 60 4.225 oz. pouches that can keep a single person hydrated for 30 days. The drinking water also has a 5 years shelf life and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 210°F.


  • Sealed properly
  • Water tastes fine
  • Has certification from US Coast Guard
  • Packaged well


  • Size is small and many may need more than 2 packets a day
  • Might be expensive for some

18. Datrex Emergency Food Bars

Datrex Emergency Food Bars

If you are living in areas where the water crisis rises with a natural emergency then you need to invest in food items that will help you stay healthy without the need of consuming your daily water intake. Datrex food bars take care of the need of energy and less consumption of water with its proven no thirst provoking formula which is approved by USCG.

You can choose from a pack of 10 or a pack of 20 bars. Each pack contains 18 bars, thus value of 10 will contain 180 bars in total. Each bar has 200 calories value thus one pack of 18 food bar can sustain a person for 72 hours. Each bar comes wrapped individually so that storing after opening is easy. These bars are lightweight come with a shelf life of 5 years.


  • Tastes like coconut cookies
  • Has proven no thirst provocation formula
  • Approved by USCG
  • Individually vacuum wrapped bars, easy to store
  • Each bar comes with a calorie count of 200 cals
  • Has high energy value


  • Are not gluten-free
  • Bars tend to be crumbly

19. Future Essentials Pilot Bread Crackers

Future Essentials Pilot Bread Crackers 

If you are looking for bread crackers to go with your MRE entrees then these are what you should stock up on. The 2 cans each weighing 9.9 oz. each comes with a total of 24 crackers (12 in each can) which are prepared with enriched wheat flour. Each cracker is considered to be a serving. The weight of each cracker is 24 gms and comes with a calorie intake of 100 Cals.

There is no need to cook or fry them separately for these are ready to eat bread crackers. These crackers are part of the Pilot survival kit since there is no need to rehydrate or prepare these crackers.

Along with a shelf life of 30 years, these flatbread crackers are lightweight and being backed in #2.5 cans, they are easy to be stored anywhere in the house. With a diameter of 4 inches, these crackers are thicker than the average saltine crackers but are easy to chew on with or without adding spreads.


  • Tastes a bit buttery
  • Can be stored easily
  • Has a shelf life of 30 years
  • Each can have 12 crackers
  • Cans are waterproof
  • Comes with a full refund within a year of purchase
  • Pairs well with other spreads and soups


  • Some find it expensive given the low-calorie count
  • Not gluten free

20. Wise Company Emergency Pack 124 Servings

Wise Company Emergency Pack 124 Servings

When you are planning to be prepared for an emergency there is no need to compromise on health, taste, and durability. Wise Company comes with an economic bucket that weighs 185 oz. which is easy to store and in case of evacuation you can just grab the set and rush. The meals are easy to prepare, you just need to add hot water and wait for 12 to 15 mins for the food to rehydrate.

All the foods are packed in servings of 4 in Mylar pouches which prevent any contamination of the food. The food bucket can be stored for 25 years with ease. You will get a mix of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beverages along with fruits. Going by the average dietary intake of 2000 calories in a day, the bucket will serve well for 10 days for an individual.

The food that’s included in this 124 servings pack are: 2 creamy pasta and vegetable rotini (8 total servings), 2 savory stroganoff (8 total servings), 1 pasta alfredo (4 total servings), 1 cheesy macaroni (4 total servings), 2 southwest beans and rice (8 total servings), 2 chicken flavored noodle soup (8 total servings), 2 tomato basil soup with pasta (8 servings), 2 apple cinnamon cereal (8 servings), 2 brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal (8 Servings), 2 orange delight drink mix (32 servings), 1 whey milk alternative (12 servings), 1 vanilla pudding (8 servings), 1 yogurt (8 servings), and 1 freeze-dried pouch of peaches (8 servings).


  • Comes with a shelf life of 25 years
  • Each packet is colored for easy recognition
  • A total of 124 servings present in the bucket
  • Tastes really good
  • Easy to prepare, easy to store
  • Each pouch contains 4 servings
  • Affordable given the amount of food included
  • Helpful customer care service


  • Some find the 4 servings too much

21. Mainstay Emergency Food Bars

Mainstay Emergency Food Bars

Known to be approved by the USCG, the emergency food bars from Mainstay comes in a pack of 3 which will be enough for 6 days for an individual. These food bars provide you with the required energy and since they have proven no thirst provocation formula, you can rest assured not to use up your water supply.

Each pack comes with a dietary intake value of 2400 calories. Besides providing you with energy, these food bars are also rich in minerals and vitamins so you remain healthy until the crisis is over or you source another food supply. Each pack weighs 13 ounces.

Each pack comes with 6 food bars that are sealed tightly to ensure longer shelf life. With a shelf life of 5 years, these food bars are known to be free from tropical oils and cholesterol which prevents them from becoming oily. Each food bar comes with the flavor of lemon and butter.


  • Tastes good with hints of lemon
  • Pack of 3 can sustain a person for 6 days
  • High energy value with minerals and vitamins added
  • Free from tropical oil and cholesterol
  • Ideal addition to the emergency food kit
  • Lightweight and can be stored anywhere
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures


  • Bars feel a bit dry
  • Bars are not wrapped individually making storage after opening difficult

22. Mainstay Emergency Food Ration

Mainstay Emergency Food Ration

If you plan to stock up on emergency rations then the Mainstay food bars are ideal choice. With a shelf life of 5 years, these bars are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and provide you the energy to stay healthy for 3 days.

These ration kits are approved by USCG and SOLAS and comes with a certificate from Kosher. With proven no thirst provocation formula, these food bars are ideal for people facing water scarcity.

The 3600 calories pack contains 9 bars each having the calorie count of 400 cals and weighing 76 gms. These bars are wrapped tightly and come with vacuum-sealed pack that makes storage easy. Given their capacity to withstand extreme temperatures ranging between -40° F and 300°F, these make the perfect choice as survival gear addition.

The non-usage of peanut butter or peanut oil and tropical oils makes these food bars free from cholesterol and edible by anyone, without causing allergies. The addition of natural lemon flavor along with butter and vanilla flavoring makes these bars delicious to taste.


  • One pack contains 3600 calories
  • Comes wrapped tightly
  • Tastes of lemon and butter
  • Can be stored in any temperature
  • Has approval from SOLAS and USCG
  • Has proven no thirst provocation
  • Easy to store
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years


  • Texture is a bit crumbly
  • Bars aren’t wrapped individually, need to consume faster

23. Life Gear Emergency Food

Life Gear Emergency Food

If you plan to prepare to overcome any emergency crisis or pass a few days in the wilderness then this emergency kit will be your savior. This can be added as the starter kit along with other emergency rations that you stock upon.

This kit contains a thermal blanket that will effectively retain 80% of your body temperature to help you stay warm, it contains a Mainstay Emergency Food Rations food bars packet that contains 9 bars that add to 3600 calories, and it also contains 5 Mainstay emergency water packs.

Together these items are packed in a cardboard storage box and weighs 3.5 pounds thus making your 3 days kits of water, food, and warmth easy to be stored and carried. All the edible items come with the approval of the US Coast Guards and the SOLAS.

The ration also has a no thirst provocation formula that makes rationing of water easy. With a shelf life of 5 years and the capacity to withstand all sorts of temperatures, this kit is a must addition to your survival list.


  • Kit contains food bars, water, and thermal blanket
  • Food bars are wrapped tightly to prevent contamination
  • Water pouches are secured to prevent spilling
  • Thermal blanket helps retain 80% body heat
  • The kit is ideal for 3 days survival for 1 person
  • Food bars tastes good
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years


  • The food bars are crumbly in texture
  • Loaded with sugar hence not fit for diabetic

24. SOS Emergency Rations

SOS Emergency Rations

When stocking up on the best survival foods you can consider buying the SOS rations kit of 8 packs to help you surf through the emergency. Whether you rely on them completely or make them a part of your kit with MREs and other options, these food bars can provide you with the much-needed instant energy thanks to the high sugar content.

The ready to eat bars are 9 in number in each pack. Thus, from one such pack you get a total of 3600 calories which is enough to sustain you for 3 days. The coconut flavored food bars are ideal in circumstances where water is scarce.

With the approval of USCG, these food bars make survival kits better. With 5 years shelf life the pack of 8 food bars can be stored any place, be it in your car, in your closet, or even in your office drawers.


  • Each bar comes wrapped separately
  • Tastes of coconut
  • Provides instant energy
  • A good addition to survival kits
  • Approved by USCG
  • 3600 calories, good for 3 days for 1 person
  • Affordable given the energy provided
  • Has no thirst provocation formula


  • Has soy derivatives, not fit for allergic
  • High sugar content, not fit for diabetic

25. Sopakco Emergency Ration Meals

Sopakco Emergency Ration Meals

If you plan to invest in a meal set that can withstand any terrain then the Sopakco MREs are what you need. With MREs you get meals that are sealed hermetically ensuring that no air and water enter the food and contaminate it. This makes it ideal to be stored for 5 years at least. Weighing about 22 pounds, the kit is easy to carry and transport.

The pack comes with a flameless heater which will help you to warm up your meal whenever you want to eat. Each meal is prepared to meet the dietary requirement of 1050 calories to 1200 calories depending on the diet you are following. The low sodium meal also helps you to consume less water.

Meals included in the kit are: chili macaroni, vegetarian lasagna, beef ravioli, spaghetti, cheese tortellini, and penne pasta. These entrees come with pop tarts, crackers, candy and 2 jam or jelly sachets. Along with food, you also get napkins and spoons this you can eat directly from the packets.


  • Low sodium meals to prevent getting thirsty
  • Military grade food
  • Ready to eat meals packed securely, survive any terrain
  • Each meal provides the required calorie intake for a day
  • Flameless heater to help heat up the food
  • Seasonings added to the pack
  • Meat kit to help you maintain the protein intake
  • Each 16 meal comes with their own flameless heater
  • Hermetically sealed packet to ensure retention of food quality


  • Some find the flameless heater to emit an unpleasant odor
  • The food might taste a bit bland

26. SOS Food Lab Food Bar

SOS Food Lab Food Bar

For people looking to add an energy bar to their survival kit, this food bar is the perfect choice. The pack of 8 ration bars can be stored easily anywhere you want to so that emergency food is taken care of. Each pack contains 6 food bars that are wrapped individually and sums up to 2400 calories making one pack last for 2 days.

These bars are approved by SOLAS and US Coast Guards making these food bars ideal for water or land survival kits. With a shelf life of 5 years and individually wrapped bars storage becomes easy even after opening the packets. The non-thirst provoking formula ensures you do not use up your water quantity making these bars ideal for places where water availability is scarce.

Taste of coconuts, each 84-gm bar contains 8 gms of protein, 53 gms of carbohydrates, and 18 gms of fat. This makes the bar ideal to provide you with instant energy.


  • Easy to store as it is lightweight
  • Each bar is wrapped individually, making storage easy
  • Rich in sugar providing instant energy
  • Ideal food for survival till next ration
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Each bar has 400 calories
  • Tastes like coconut cookies


  • High sugar content makes it not ideal for diabetics
  • Contains gluten and soy, can be allergic to some

27. Wise Company Freeze-Dried Fruits And Snacks Bucket

Wise Company Freeze-Dried Fruits And Snacks Bucket

In times of emergency MREs are often the go-to option for many but for vegans and people with specific dietary needs opting for military meals are not the best. Here you might want to consider stocking up on freeze-dried fruits and Wise Company provides a good deal with their snacks bucket. These 15 pouches sum up to 120 servings that will take care of a single person for at least 10 days.

Each pouch contains 8 servings and can be stored in the airtight bucket with ease. Being freeze-dried the nutrient value of the fruits and snacks are not lost. The bucket also comes with a shelf life of 20+ years making them the ideal option when stocking for an emergency. You need to add hot water and wait for 15 mins for the fruit or snack to rehydrate and enjoy a good meal that is rich in nutrients.

In the bucket, you will be getting 2 pouches each of bananas, peaches, strawberries, creamy yogurt, caramel sauce, vanilla pudding, and 3 pouches of apples. The Mylar packing makes the food last long without the risk of contamination.


  • Good tasting snacks
  • Ideal for people on vegan diet
  • Bucket is easy to carry and store
  • 120 servings in total
  • Meets the calorie intake and dietary requirements
  • Has a shelf life of 20 years
  • Easy to prepare, needs 15 mins and hot water
  • Water resistant container and Mylar packaging prevents contamination


  • Some find the bucket to be expensive
  • Servings should have been packed individually

28. The Survival Tabs Chewable Tabs

The Survival Tabs Chewable Tabs

If you want to incorporate immediate relief from hunger then stocking up on these chewable tablets will serve the purpose. These tablets come enriched with 15 essential minerals and vitamins that will help you retain your health during times of emergency.

These butterscotch flavored tabs also account for most protein intake given you ingest 12 tablets (each having 20 calories) at the interval of 12 hours. Hence, each tablet consists of 4 gm of protein and 12 tablets eaten will provide 48 gm which is in accordance with the RDA. This way you are set for 15 days in case you need to hold out longer in terms of reaching a rescue spot or ration will be available late.

Besides MREs, these chewable tablets are a must addition to your survival kits. The shelf life of these tabs is 25 years and being gluten-free and non-GMO products, these are fit to be consumed by anyone.


  • Fits any survival kits
  • Provides the required dietary needs
  • One box contains 180 tablets, can last for 15 days
  • Meets the daily calorie intake
  • Butterscotch chewable tablets taste good
  • Gluten free
  • Made from non-GMO ingredients
  • Comes with a shelf life of 25 years


  • Many needs more than 12 tablets hence can run out sooner
  • Not best as standalone food

29. Omeals Self-Heating Meals

Omeals Self-Heating Meals

For people looking for a complete no-fuss meal option then the Omeals self-heating meal options are the perfect addition to their kit. The complete ease of usage of the heating element to reheat the cooked meal and the provision of spoons makes this one of the best survival foods available in the market.

It just takes you to remove the contents from the bag, activate the heating element, add any liquid, and wait for 5 mins. Your meal is prepared. Be it camping or storing for an emergency, the FDA approved meal pack also comes with certification from HACCP. The Omeals brand is known to provide relief packs and also supply to government agencies.

The meals that are included in the Original set are 2 bags each of cheese tortellini in tomato sauce, southwest chicken with rice, and turkey chili with beans. All the ingredients are wholesome and provide the required nourishment to the body and soul. Each package contains 227 gm of food which accounts for 220 calories. Thus, your diet remains in place even when facing an emergency.


  • No fuss heating
  • Comes with spoons
  • You can use any liquid to activate the heating element
  • Just takes 5 mins for your food to be heated
  • Affordable given the servings
  • Tastes great and provides the required nutrients
  • Comes with approvals from FDA and USDA
  • Easy to store packs


  • Some contain soy and anchovies, may cause allergies
  • Some find the calories not enough

30. Prep-Right Survival Food Chewable Tablets

Prep-Right Survival Food Chewable Tablets

Coming in a resealable pouch, the Prep-Right Survival Food’s chewable tablets provides you with the required amount of energy and nutrients for you to survive even in the extreme of conditions. You will be getting 24 chewable tablets in vanilla flavor that comes loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Ideally you should be taking one tablet every 1 hour for 12 hours you will still feel better and able to perform the required task. The tablets come with a shelf life on 10 years.

Each of the tablets are made to be free from gluten and made from ingredients tagged as non-GMO. Coming to the dietary needs, you will be getting the essential lactose, fat, protein, and calories so that your diet is not compromised. This pack is a great addition to your survival food kit.


  • Vanilla flavor that tastes great
  • Resealable pouch that contains 24 tablets
  • Accounts for all essential dietary supplementary requirements
  • Has a shelf life of 10 years
  • Easy to carry and store pouch
  • Gluten free and non-GMO ingredients makes it edible for everyone
  • High in protein and lactose


  • Lactose intolerant people should avoid this
  • Some people feel they need to consume more to meet the calorie requirements

31. Metro Survival Pack Emergency Food and Water Kit

Metro Survival Pack Emergency Food and Water Kit

With approvals from the US Coast Guards and a 5 year shelf life, this survival kit will help you stay alive for 6 days even in the harshest conditions. You will be getting a set of food and water in the form of 3 packs of food bars from Mainstay where each pack will provide 2400 calories and 12 water pouches with each pouch weighing 4.225 oz.

These packs are sterilized and sealed so that they can withstand temperatures that ranges from – 40 degrees F to 210 degrees F. This set is highly recommended by marines and travelers who often chart territories that face water issues.

The food bars will provide you with instant energy and it’s proven no thirst provoking formula will make sure that your rations actually lasts you 6 days. The food bars are guaranteed free from tropical oils and hence will not cause cholesterol. The water pouches are secured with Mylar that makes them free from any form of contamination.


  • Food bars tastes good
  • Kit can be stored in car or in the house
  • The items can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Is approved by USCG
  • Weighs just 10 pounds
  • Food bars come with proven no thirst provocation formula


  • High sugar content makes it unhealthy for diabetics
  • Water might taste off

32. USGI Industries 12 XMRE

USGI Industries 12 XMRE

If you are looking for meals that will be providing you with the optimum calorie intake without losing out on its taste and health then the XMREs is the one you should give a try. USGI Industries provides military standard rations and survival kits that come with a shelf life of 5 years and the assurance that each meal has been selected and packed within the past 60 days.

Coming to the food, you will be getting 12 meals that are fully cooked, freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients, and packed in waterproof and tamper-proof pouches so that they can withstand any terrain. Given the fact that these kits are made keeping in mind people living in extreme conditions, the cardboard boxes is made to endure anything.

Weighing about 18 pounds, you will be getting 12 kits of entrée, 2 or 3 side dishes, beverage, seasonings, spoon and napkins and wet wipes, and a flameless heater (optional). Each meal will provide you with 1300 calories to 1500 calories which will help you meet your calorie needs even under crisis. For reheating the food using the flameless heater, you will require just 3 oz. of water.


  • 12 meals which provides for more than 1300 calories
  • Cooked meals that can be eaten directly
  • Drinks and side dishes are included with the entrees
  • Packets are made with military grade and specifically engineered materials
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Food tastes good even when eaten cold
  • Flameless heaters requires less water to get activated
  • Meals are high in nutrients too


  • Some items might be missing
  • Food may contain wheat and soy

33. NorthWest Fork 30 Days Gluten Free Food

NorthWest Fork 30 Days Gluten Free Food

When you are stranded or facing a lockdown you want to save up on your rations as much as possible. But, companies providing for the ready to eat meals have servings that many find too much for one person. This makes rationing difficult because once opened, the food has to be consumed.

While people staying at home might not find this irksome, campers often feel at lost. Hence, NorthWest Fork came up with their new thicker pouches that are resealable and can be kept upright. The 21 pounds kit provides meals to last a person for 30 days and the thicker pouches make them easy to be carried without the cardboard box.

You will be getting 6 meals each of which will have 15 servings and each serving provides about 320 calories. Whether you want to eat more or less, you can reseal the pack and stock it up for later use. The food included in the kit are strawberry and banana oatmeal, tropical trio oatmeal, seasoned green pea soup, black bean soup, pinto bean stew, and black bean chipotle stew.

All the ingredients used are vegan, sourced locally, non-GMO, and free from gluten. The Mylar pouches provide the added protection that helps the food retain its 10 years shelf life.


  • Food is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO
  • Comes with Kosher certification
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Food tastes good
  • 15 servings per pouch
  • The 6 food pouches are resealable and made of thicker material
  • Has a shelf life of 10 years
  • Beans provides rich protein and fiber for better health
  • One kit will last a person for 30 days


  • Some find the servings not enough
  • Calories are not enough for some

34. Survivor Industries Survival Kit

Survivor Industries Survival Kit

For the average prepper having a complete survival kit is a must. Whether you stay busy at work or often go off for excursions, a survival kit is essential given the changeability of nature. With the LaunchPro survival kit, you can assure your safety for at least 72 hours until you find better alternative.

The kit comes with food, water, and a thermal blanket which forms the base of every emergency kit. The kit has items that are approved by US Coast Guards and meets the requirements of the SOLAS.

You will be getting 1 Mainstay pack of food bars that will provide 3600 calories. The pack contains 9 bars each weighing 76 gms and accounting for 400 calories.

These food bars will provide you with instant energy while taking care of the body’s need of essential vitamins. The food bars also come with a proven no thirst provocation formula that will help you survive on lesser consumption of water.

The bars also taste of lemon and are free from cholesterol and peanuts. The 6 pouches of emergency water come in sterilized pouches each weighing 4.225 oz. The thermal blanket is lightweight, compact, and helps you retain 90% of your body heat.


  • A complete survival kit which is easy to store
  • Food and water items can withstand harsh temperatures between – 40 F to 300 F
  • Food bars tastes good
  • Thermal blanket helps prevent hypothermia
  • Water pouches are sterilized and prevents contamination
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Comes with approvals from SOLAS and USCG
  • Free from peanuts and cholesterol


  • Food bars are high in sugar
  • Kit seems expensive to some

35. XMRE Ready to Eat Meals

XMRE Ready to Eat Meals

Being a prepper, you need to understand the need to balance your daily calorie intake with water consumption and still be proactive. Unless you have rigorous training, you will find doing the same difficult. But with XMRE’s 1300XT meals, you can find the balance in times of crisis.

The kit comes with 12 cases of waterproof bags that contain a complete set of meal which provides for 1300+ calories. You will also get the needed utensils and toiletries to help you maintain your hygiene after each meal. The kit is made so that a single person can survive for 6 to 8 days with a daily calorie intake of 2000 calories.

Each of the waterproof and tamperproof military-grade outer bags contains an entrée which can be meat or vegetables, crackers or bread, snacks like nuts, spreads or jams, desserts like puddings, coffee, beverages like the orange mix, 7-inch spoon, hot beverage bag, wet wipes and napkins, and a flameless meal/ration heater. The 12 cases collectively account for more than 15,600 calories.


  • 12 complete meal set
  • Provides more than 1300 calories per kit
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Has a shelf life of 5 years
  • Food tastes good
  • Good customer services
  • Flameless heaters help meals to be readied within minutes
  • You get a balanced and nutritious diet


  • Costlier than other MREs

36. Metro Survival Pack Emergency Survival Pack

Metro Survival Pack Emergency Survival Pack

If you want to stay prepared then investing in proper kits is of utmost importance. With the food and water rations kit prepared by Metro Survival Pack, you can be prepared to stay alive for 6 days.

The kit contains 3 packs of Mainstay food bars which provides for 2400 calories per pack. The food bars are known to have no thirst provocation that helps you stay hydrated even on lesser water consumption.

The food bars also provide you with the required energy and vitamins to help you stay active. The 12 pouches of water, each weighing 4.225 oz. are sterilized and secured to prevent leakage. These items also come with the approval from USCG making them one of the best survival foods to be added to your inventory.


  • Food bars tastes good
  • Kit can be stored anywhere
  • Kit comes with the guarantee to withstand extreme temperatures
  • 6 days ration
  • Provides daily calorie intake
  • Comes with SOLAS and USCG approvals


  • Water might taste a bit odd
  • Food bars are high in sugar

37. Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply

Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply

In bid to be prepared, you need not lose out on taste. The Augason Farms survival kits believe in this principle and all their meals are prepared keeping their flavors intact along with the nutritional value. These meals also take care of your caloric requirements.

With the advanced free dried technology, the nutrients stay locked in the meal and stays the same for 20 years. This kit contains 5 meals with 55 servings that will sustain 4 people for 48 hours until better food options are available.

The kit contains a total of 8 pouches of meals. The meals that are included in the kits are, 1 pouch of buttermilk pancakes that contains 9.5 servings with each serving providing 160 calories, 1 pouch of maple brown sugar oatmeal that 10 servings and each serving provide 120 calories, 2 pouches of elbow macaroni which has 7.5 servings each with each serving providing 160 calories, 1 pouch cheese powder that has 15 servings with each serving providing 50 calories, 2 pouches of creamy chicken flavored rice with each pouch having 8 servings with each serving providing 240 calories, and 1 pouch creamy potato soup mix which contains 8 servings with each serving having 220 calories.


  • Ideal for short emergencies
  • Has a shelf life of 20 years
  • Easy to prepare meals
  • Home cooked meals that tastes good
  • Meets the dietary requirements in terms of calories and nutrients
  • Kit comes with a handle making it easy to carry


  • Some may find the foods to be a bit bland
  • Some menus contain soy and wheat

38. Datrex 3600 Calorie Food Bar

Datrex 3600 Calorie Food Bar

If you are looking to have something in your go to kit then the Datrex 3600 calorie food is what you should consider. These food bars offer you the basic calorie and dietary needs to help you sustain yourself till you get proper ration. These bars come with non-thirst provoking formula and are moist enough to be consumed without having to worry about breaking your jaws.

Each food bar provides 200 calories and comes wrapped individually thus you need not worry about storing the extra bars or rush to consume them. With a shelf life of 5 years, these bars are made with ingredients that do not become oily over time. The addition of coconuts makes the bar taste great.


  • Comes with FDA certification
  • Individually wrapped food bars
  • Each bar provides 200 calories
  • Natural ingredients used to make the bars
  • Provides instant energy
  • No thirst formula prevents overconsumption of water
  • Free from peanuts and GMO


  • Contains wheat thus not gluten free

39. Bridgford MRE Pork Wraps

Bridgford MRE Pork Wraps

If you want to forego the hassle of heating or you are stuck in power failure then these ready to eat pork wraps will be a life savior. Bridgford’s pack of 3 BBQ Pork wraps with a shelf life of 2 to 3 years are perfect addition to a preppers’ kit or be kept as snacks. Each wrap will provide you with 360 calories and 14 gm of protein.

The BBQ sauce is not too mild nor to spicy and you can simply unwrap one and eat it without any issues. The flour tortillas will make sure you need not give your jaw a workout. Each 4.4 oz. wrap will let you camp better.


  • Ready to eat meal, no need to heat
  • Pack of 3 wraps comes in affordable price
  • Pork and flour make a healthy snacking option
  • 3 years shelf life
  • Provides basic dietary nutrients
  • Requires no refrigeration


  • Needs a bit more sauce to make it more juicy

40. Survivor Industries Mainstay Energy Bars

Survivor Industries Mainstay Energy Bars

Emergency kits should always have a few food bars so that they can provide you with the needed emergency once your main ration runs out. The pack of 3 set from Mainstay provides 2400 calories per pack. Each bar provides for 400 calories.

The bars are made to provide you with the needed nutrients and energy so that you can stay alive for 6 days. The bars also have proven no thirst formula which makes you consume less amount of water. With a shelf life of 5 years, the Mainstay 2400 calorie food bars come with approvals from SOLAS and USCG.


  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Comes with Halal and Kosher certification
  • Has a pleasant lemon flavor
  • Free from peanuts, tropical oils, and cholesterol
  • The pack of 3 food bars will sustain you for 6 days
  • Ideal to be added to your camping kit or for emergencies


  • Sugar content is high
  • Bars are not wrapped individually

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Survival Food

The need to store the best survival foods varies from person to person. Some like to stay prepared in times of natural disaster-induced emergencies while some do not want to starve on a wilderness trek they take on a whim. No matter what is your reason, you need to keep certain factors in mind when you go out looking for the best survival foods to buy at the grocery store.

Whether you live in areas prone to flooding or face the brunt of hurricanes, the nature of emergency will determine the quantity of food that you need to stock up on. Your family size also plays a major role while making a decision. Apart from these two, there are other factors that should be taken in consideration, and these are:

1. Shelf Life

The first thing that you need to consider is how long you want to stock up on the ration. There are people who feel that they want to rotate their food rations every 5 years while others feel that investing in a kit that offers a good and long shelf life will be enough. There are kits that will stay good for 30 years and there are kits that are better used up within 4 years.

The shelf life also affects your utilization of the food kit. That said the deciding factor rests on your willingness to pay a higher price for quality emergency food kit.

You can also opt for canned food items like beans which are a rich source of protein, vitamins, and fibers or meat that have a good shelf life. These canned beans are also cheaper when compared to MREs and other freeze-dried food options.

2. Frozen V/S Freeze-Dried Foods

When stocking up for emergencies, you should avoid food items that need refrigeration. You will never know owing to the power’s failure the food can go bad and you may have to go hungry.

Rather, look for food items that are freeze-dried. This not only helps the food retain its nutritional value but you get a cooked meal that requires simple reheating. These food items are also easy to store and have a long shelf life under normal conditions.

3. Nutritional Value

When looking for the best prepper foods you should consider the nutritional value of the food kit that you are purchasing. People have special dietary needs based on their religion or simply out of choice. A vegan will not consider buying buckets that consist meat items primarily or some religion bans pork so buckets consisting of ham and bacon are a big no.

You also need to consider allergens and the protein value of the meal that you are purchasing. Always aim for a 2000 calorie intake per day even during emergencies because you need to stay healthy in order to overcome the ordeal.

For people looking for specific dietary needs in their meals, you can opt for freeze dried fruits and yogurt to add to your kit. If you are someone who have an experience with rigorous training then you will be able to survive on a 1200 calorie meal that is provided by the MREs.

You can always add food bars to your diet in order to get the extra boost of energy. If you are worried about the nutrition intake then adding dietary chewable tablets to your survival food kit will be a good idea.

4. Stock Up On Water

Whether you are off for a trekking excursion or live in areas which faces severe water crisis during any emergency lockdown, stocking up on drinkable water is a must. There are food bars that provides for no thirst provocation still staying hydrated is a must.

As per CDC orders, you need to make provision for at least a gallon of water for each family member, including pets, for each day of the crisis. Thus, you need to look for and start storing your water supply with immediate effect.

You can even opt to store powdered mixes of beverages and oral electrolyte tablets. Coffee, powdered milk, tang, and ORS will form an essential part of your emergency food and drinks kit. These will ensure that your stay hydrated for longer periods of time and ORS also takes care of any stomach upset and helps you prevent food poisoning.

5. Storage Space

How much you are going to buy also depends on the space you have in your house which can be dedicated to the storage of such food items. The number of family members, the kind of food and water kits, and the extra survival items of blankets, torches and heaters all take up a considerable amount of space. If you have a garage or a basement then you are fortunate.

For people living in apartments, you need to make use of every possible space. You can also opt to store for 3 to 4 months’ worth of ration. This way you are sure that the initial wave of crisis will pass with relative ease.

Likewise, you should invest in brands that offer buckets with handles. This makes carrying the food kit during evacuation easy. Another thing that you should keep in mind while storing your emergency supply is that you should look for places that remains dry and cool, and can be accessed easily when required.

6. Preparation Time

When you are facing a crisis, you will often end up losing electricity or gas connection. This will make cooking up meals a task. The whole point of stocking up on survival food kits is that you get ready to eat meals that require less than 15 minutes of preparation time.

Whether you need to add water or the flameless heater helps heat up the food within the pouch, the preparation time should also be part of your consideration.

There are rations that require no water or separate heating options. These kits also offer you the option to eat directly from the pouch which saves you the need to deal with dirty dishes. This way, you ensure your hygiene and if you are opting for recyclable pouches then you are also aiding with the conservation of the ecosystem.

7. Home Grown Food

Given the fact that many cannot afford to store a huge pile of food for an emergency, they can opt for growing their own food in Mason Jars, and best foods to grow for survival are green sprouts.

These offer the best in terms of nutrition and meet all your dietary requirements. You can always plan ahead, grow some in your kitchen, and stock them up in Mylar pouches that are sealed tightly.

You can also opt for heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables like beets which mature within 65 days from planting, radishes which matures in about 3 weeks, cucumbers, and peas that germinate within 60 days.

8. Storing Nuts

Another good source of fat and protein are nuts. While growing them in mason jars might be difficult, you can always stock up on some. Nuts have a good shelf life and can provide you with the much-required energy and protein to keep you going. For people allergic to nuts, they can always rely on good sprouts.

9. Rotate The Food

Stocking up for emergencies need does not mean you are bound to face an emergency. In order to ensure that you always get the best out of your survival food kits, you need to use up the food items that you have purchased first. This also makes room for rotating the items.

FAQs on Survival Foods

1. Is There Any Food That Never Perishes?

Yes, there are food items that are deemed to be non-perishable that is because these food items are not the ideal medium that allows the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The food that you can always keep in your pantry are honey, granulated sugar, white rice, peanut butter, nuts, maple syrup, wheat flour, and salt. These pantry items also make up for easy whipped meals when you are low on emergency kit but have electricity.

2. Should I Opt For Canned Food?

While there is no denying that food items are always better when fresh, crisis does not allow you to buy your fresh produce every day. Canned food, when chosen carefully will always provide you with the required nutrients along with being sustainable and affordable. In fact, canned food makes up most of the best survival foods list.

Opting for canned meat and canned fruits will help you stay prepared for emergency. The shelf life of fruits is, for better health, 3 years while meat can last longer. You should also consider stocking up on canned beans. This way you will be getting a richer source of fiber and protein.

3. Is Food Rotation A Must?

When you are stocking up food for a crisis the last thing you want is to fall ill due to food poisoning. Even though you invest in brands that are known for their lasting shelf life and quality food menu, you should always opt for eating out the old ration after 2 years of purchase even though there is no emergency. Opt for trekking or camping so that you can use up the old packets and buy new ones.

4. How Many Food Bars Should I Buy?

There is never a fixed answer for this. On an average, food bars have a shelf life of 5 years. They also have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, thus they are ideal energy booster if you are undergoing rigorous training and camping. That said, you need to keep a track of the calories offered by the food bars and see the amount you require for your activity.

Normally, one food bar offers 400 calories so an average adult will require 4 to 6 such bars. Add to it the number of days you need to sustain yourself and then buy the pack that will meet your needs.

5. Is Stockpiling Illegal?

The answer depends whether you are preparing yourself and your family for emergency or plain hoarding. It is not illegal to stockpile for emergency but if you tend to buy shelves off the local supermarket you deny others to be prepared for crisis themselves.

In such instances you will be liable to have your lot seized as per the order number 10998 in the martial law declaration and federal law. That said, you can still be liable to have your lot taken away if an official declares that you are hoarding. Thus, you need to be smart about what you are purchasing and how much.

6. Is Peanut Butter Worth Storing As Emergency Food?

When you talk about best survival food, your list will remain incomplete without the addition of peanut butter to your inventory. It is non-perishable and tasty while carrying with it a whole lot of nutritional goods. You get protein, fiber, and fat that will help you retain your energy without making you feel queasy.

Whether you have crackers or bread at your disposal, when paired with peanut butter you have the best meal possible. But if you are allergic to it then it’s best to avoid it.

7. Is There A Difference Between Servings And Meal?

One thing that often confuses people is the difference between meal and servings. While both are related to the food you are eating, there is a difference between the two. To help you understand better, the easiest way to explain the difference is that meal is what you are having, suppose an entrée of beef stroganoff.

The amount that you are having is called the serving. So, you can have 2 servings of beef stroganoff where 1 serving measures 1 cup. The servings can vary from 1 tablespoon to 1 cup depending on the meal. When the label says serving, they mean the quantity you will be getting of the meal.

8. Is Tang A Good Option?

Yes, you will not suffer an immense water crisis, hence tang is a good investment. The powdered drink is proven to be loaded with calcium and vitamin c and has been the preferred drink for astronauts. Hence, you are in good hands with tang.


When you are planning to stock up for emergencies or for frequent trips, you should always have more than one source of nutrition. While the best survival food list is endless, you have the choice to curate your own kit or rely on the experts to help you stay healthy during the time of need.

Always make it a point to store food that you will enjoy eating. These include meals that are precooked and freeze-dried, fruits, and some desserts. You can also opt for beverage mixes, that will help you stay hydrated. but you need to plan well and always keep your survival food kit, along with essentials like torches, matchboxes, medicines, and backpacks ready and away from direct sunlight.