Wildfire Prepping: Everything you Need to Know

The diversity of nature always attracts mankind and entices them to retreat in the forest to enjoy the splendid outdoors. In the quest for quality life, human beings have successfully established settlements amid several challenges. Starting from dense forest to dangerous mountains, human beings have chosen to live in the wild. The bounty of nature never ceases to amaze human senses. 

People who have built their houses around woods remain exposed to various dangers like wildfire and others. Wildfire can result from accidents or lightning and it can be deadly. It can take place anytime in the year, and anywhere in the world. It can be a threat to the natural resources, wildlife, and destroys homes. However, by taking some basic precautions, you can learn  how to prepare for a wildfire and it will equip you for the emergency.  

Why you should be Prepared for Wildfire? 

Wildfire often takes place in remote forests, mountains, and rural areas, and there lie various reasons behind it. As an urban reader, you might wonder why you need to learn about wildfire preparation. Suppose you are going on a trip to a remote place or you live in a remote area, the knowledge about wildfire will be useful for you. No one can predict the future, hence preparing for wildfires will help you prevent a major catastrophe. 

How do Wildfires take place? 

A recent report shows, approximately 5 million acres of forest burns every year and it results in massive damage. A wildfire is deadlier than ordinary fire and it can spread at 14.29 miles per hour. Whenever it takes place, it damages vegetation and wildlife across thousands of acres of land and the most common reasons behind wildfires include campfires, prescribed fires, lightning, the improper burn of debris, or lit cigarettes. Wildfire preparation training will be highly beneficial for individuals to combat these situations. 

Camping: Trekking and camping have become very popular and both young and aged people can participate in nature study. The worst part is, people who take part in such programs often lack proper knowledge regarding choosing locations and others. Callousness and unattended camping can cause deadly wildfire, and people must be careful about it.  

Debris: People in remote places burn the debris and it is considered legal in the US. The wind plays a vital role in wildfire and it can make things go out of control within seconds. People must be careful while burning debris in the jungles to prevent wildfires. 

Cigarettes: Another common reason behind wildfire is lit cigarettes, and it is very common in the US. The dry leaves burn easily and whenever someone throws half-lit cigarettes in the wild, the negligence can cost lives of animals.  

Lightning: Only 10% of the wildfire in the US results from lightning, and hot lightning can incinerate an entire forest or field easily.  

Checklist for Wildfire Preparation 

Invest in Disaster Supply Kit: A family emergency plan along with a disaster supply kit is essential and one must invest in the kit now. 

Use Non-Combustible Material: Homeowners must take precautions and one must check whether the contractor has used non-combustible and fire-resistant material in your home.  

Check the Chimneys: It will be beneficial to inspect your chimneys annually. Check whether the materials meet the national fire protection standards..  

Installation of Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarm: Dual sensor smoke alarms are highly effective and suppose you are wondering how to stay alert for a fire, you can invest in dual sensor smoke alarms.   

Use of Fire Extinguisher: It is not enough if you are the only person at home who knows how to use the fire extinguisher. You must train other family members about wildfire preparation so it helps everyone.  

Protective Shutters: Protective shutters are good to prevent fires and one can invest in the same to make a fireproof home.  

Source of Water: Wildfire is an emergency and one must have sound knowledge about the availability of water so they can immediately tell about the nearest water source.  

Garden Hose: Homeowners are advised to keep a garden hose that can be taken to any part of your home. It must be long enough so you won’t have to face additional trouble while handling it.   

Necessary Precaution for House  

Installation of Freeze-Proof Water Outlet: Homeowners should install freeze-proof water outlets in their home and it can help them during an emergency. Besides, people are advised to install additional outlets 50ft away from living spaces.  

Hire Tree Pruning Services: People must call professional pruning services and clean branches near power-lines and chimney outlets.  

Follow Burning Regulations: It is important to follow local burning regulations whenever you are burning something. Besides, look around the place to clean the combustible materials before setting the fire.  

What you should do during a Wildfire 

Protective Clothing: A wildfire is deadlier than your imagination and hence you must wear protective clothing in case you have to go out for a reason.  

Shut down the Shutters: Flammable items must be removed, and it is wise to shut the shutters down to safeguard themselves.  

Use the Fire Tools: It is important for you to learn using fire tools and it should be used to control the wildfire. You can use axe, rake, chainsaw or handsaw as per requirement.  

Stop the Gas/Fuel: Any source of fuel, natural gas or propane must be stopped immediately.  

Use the Water Hose: In case the situation allows, one must connect the garden hose to the faucet so that you can control it.  

Safeguard Valuable Belongings: The valuable assets should be kept in a safe and secured place..  

Wildfire Prepping – Final thoughts

The above tips are some of the most important ones for wildfire preparation and we hope they will benefit the readers. There are additional guidelines that will help you to understand how to prepare for a wildfire. Share the article with your family and friends, as these simple tips can help them to tackle the situation with much better expertise.